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When adding a setting to the Wiki, feel free to use as many pages as you need. There is one caveat to this, to avoid many pages competing for the same page name, please apply a prefix or suffix to every page after the main page for the setting. See how the Near entry is constructed for an example on how this is meant to work.


Cave of Danger Cave of Danger is the Random Dungeon setting generated by aldantefax for Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition.
Cutlass Pirates! Arr!
Dragaera Dragaera is a world created by author Stephen Brust. It is a world of sorcery, witchcraft, and intrigue. Rules based on the d20 system.
GURPS ADOM A conversion of the ADOM setting to GURPS
HorsePower A mashup world of Vikings, Greek Myth, Arthurian Legend, traditional fantasy, and anything else that seems cool.
Kobolds Ate My Baby (TG Edition) An updated, expanded setting for KAMB with more bonuses, more bogies, more babies and more hailing of King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!).
Marpocalypse A world set in a post-apocalyptic Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser rules, Luigi is dead, and Mario leads the resistance in the wake of the big bobomb.
MonMarro Phrog's homebrew Dungeons and Dragons setting: a blasted, alien place at the utter edge of the multiverse bordering the Far Realm itself.
Near A pulpy, romantic, post-apocalyptic fantasy world that is the included setting in The Shadow of Yesterday, an indie-rpg from Anvilwerks, and uses the Solar System rules. The Shadow of Yesterday is released under the Creative Commons license.
Relic Actually still just some rough ideas for messing around in D&D that is starting to turn into a thing.
Vesmir The future is now.
The Wal Red_Mage's Department locked societal setting.
The_Zorcerer_of_Zo The Zantabulous Zorcerer of Zo (ZoZ) is a PDQ supplement set in the fantasy world of Zo.


Blackbird Dreaming Post Apocalyptic Survival Horror using GURPS 4th Edition.
Don't Go Dreaming Strange happenings at a warehouse
The Disappearance of Jason Hexam The search for a missing writer run with a Trail of Cthulhu variant.
Heart of Darkness ManMythLegend's Savage Worlds action/horror game set during a third civil war in the Congo.
Second String Supers Second Super Heroes are now the defenders of Drakesville
Singapore, MI A paranormal mystery setting in a western Michigan city.
Slipping into Dreamland Strange happenings at a warehouse
Warehouse 23 Doc Bubonic's GURPS Warehouse 23 setting.
Welcome to the Island Over the Edge setting by Doc Bubonic
X-Com A Savage Worlds conversion of the classic PC game by ManMythLegend.


7 Suns Created because THS doesn't have FTL.
GURPS Halo An ongoing attempt to create a GURPS 4th setting for Halo.
GURPS Space Opera Mukaikubo discovered GURPS:Space and got a little crazy and started making a setting with aliens and solar systems and stuff.
Interstellar Traders Traveller; with more aliens, better ships and more fighting.
D6 Mass Effect Bass Concert Hall's ongoing port of Mass Effect into the Star Wars D6 ruleset.
Mission to Mars GURPS 4th Edition, Humanity on the brink of TL9 and Mars colonization.
Strangers in Strange Space GURPS 4th Edition, space opera sequel to Mission to Mars.
Solar Conflict GURPS Space 4th Edition, the solar system is on the brink of war.
Space Pirates DtD 40K 7e, a combination of Planescape, 40K, Exalted and a host of other games.
PDQ SpaceFactions Try and track the masses of information for 4X PDQ game.
Where Black Stars Rise Ashen Stars campaign setting.


Lost_Highway Adventures along a road that goes through an infinite number of alternate earths.
Refuge An original steampunk campaign setting.
Renvin (Steampunk) A steampunk game ran without a GM.