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Her Eminence August D’Aubainne welcomes you to the nation of Al Amarja. Her grandmother, Monique D’Aubainne founded the self-governing, independent nation in 1940 when she wrested control of the island from Mussolini. After the people of Al Amarja chose her to lead them, she set about making the country great. In order to do this, she she modeled it after the nation she considered to be the best and most powerful in the world, the United States of America. She imposed English as the national language and adopted the U.S. dollar as the official currency. Since then the island nation has prospered under the benevolent guidance of Monique and now August D’Aubainne (who succeeded her grandmother only ten years ago).


Al Amarja is a small island in the Mediterranean south and a little east of Italy. It is roughly oval, about 80km long and almost 60 km wide. Of volcanic origin, the island has a single, low mountain at the center. The landscape is rough and convoluted, featuring dry, slow-growing forests and fields of scrub, small coves, cliffs, twisting streams, and sandy beaches. The climate is typically dry and sunny in the summer, cooler and sometimes rainy in the winter. Temperatures are always moderate, and the sun shines clearly most everyday.


While Al Amarja was modeled on the United States, there are some laws that differ here from there. Guns and explosives are strictly forbidden, and laws against them are tightly enforced. Psychics are also outlawed Psychics are allowed to operate on the island if they register with the government and cooperate when the government needs information. Drugs outlawed in the U.S. are outlawed here as well with the exception of marijuana. Prostitution and gambling are both legal, and fire codes and such regulations are minimal. The laws of Al Amarja are served by the ever-competent Peace Force.

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