Cave of Danger

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 Creator(s) Aldante Fax
 System(s) D&D 4e
 Genre(s) Fantasy

Cave of Danger

Cave of Danger Dungeon Generation

Game Procedures for Play by Post

Cave of Danger Awards

Adventure Site Made By: Vomitdeath, the Crazed Ogre-Minotaur

Let's Get Dangerous! (version 4.01e)

Introduction and Design Notes

Cave of Danger is a setting designed around a random dungeon set for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. The setting can be used for any other edition of Dungeons and Dragons, or, really, any dungeon crawling type of game. It is purposely generic except for a few minor things. In addition to the random elements presented from the various generators that were used for the creation of this game, it fuses ideas from past editions of Dungeons and Dragons as well as old trappings from other games that might go well in the setting. For example, the various shops are taken from Angband, the Adventurer's Guildhall inspired by Etrian Odyssey, the Challenges were inspired by the old class challenges from AD&D 2nd Edition, and so on.

Random Generators Used

  • FuegoFish
    • FuegoFish's Most Epic Adventure Generator
    • FuegoFish's Dwarven History Generator
  • Seventh Sanctum
    • Evil Name Generator
    • Evil Sounding Name Generator
    • Realm Generator
    • Tavern Namer
    • Lost Civilization Generator
    • Realm Generator
    • Era Namer
  • TSR
    • AD&D 1st Edition Dungeon Master's Guide
  • Wizards of the Coast
    • D&D 4th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide

Miscellaneous Inspiration

    • Adjectives (A-Z)
  • TSR
    • AD&D 2nd Edition Class Challenges
  • Video Games
    • Angband
    • Dwarf Fortress
    • Etrian Odyssey
    • The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation A
    • Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom
  • Wikipedia
    • Western Astrology (Zodiac)
    • Eastern Astrology (Zodiac Animals)
    • Roman Calendar
    • Horseshoe Crab
    • Tigerfish

Character Guidelines

The Quest

Enter the Colossal Dungeon and dispatch the Immortal Priest, Grimran Warskal! Watch out for goblins and swarms of spiders! If you accomplish this, you will receive payment of 240,000 gold.

Character Generation

System: Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition
Level: 1
Source Material: Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual.
Alignment Restrictions: None.
Generation Method: Modified Type 3. Roll 4d6, drop lowest for stats. You must take the last roll in the set as your Charisma stat. 
 In addition, you may alter your lowest roll to 18 if the result roll is 8 or under. I will allow one (1) reroll if your stats are not to your satisfaction. 

One-sentence minimum background required.

Light on the roleplaying (in terms of tone), heavy on the dungeoneering (in terms of the dice are out to get you). There are 30 dungeon levels at the start, with the 31st dungeon level composed of the epic battle between the party and Grimran Warskal. Levels will be randomly generated using a mix of random dungeon generation tables from First Edition AD&D and Fourth Edition D&D.

I am looking for five characters of a suitable quality to participate in this game as the Dungeon Master's Guide claims that a "typical game of D&D" is run with five players and one DM. I may alter this to six players or something crazy like that.

Player Roles

You are dungeoneering experts interested in giving the Immortal Priest Grimran Warskal a run for his money and everything he has ever owned. Along the way you will accrue treasure (more commonly known as 'loot') appropriate to the dungeon depth that you are in.

Setting Information


It is the Age of the Destitute Cycle of Elevation. In 705: Girrack Graycutter writes the poem 'Moon in Hate'. Gnonig Hammersmasher assassinates the king's advisor, Snurin Rockcrusher, leading to the appointment of Snunig Strongcutter. Bjorrin Trollsmelter fights with Torska Stoneminer over who will become the next king. Jonarrack Steelhead sculpts the sculpture 'Odin and Drungus'. The War of the Towers ends. A peace treaty with the goblins of Hexearg is accepted. An alliance is forged with the orcs of Caerkrug. The Sixth Great Crusade starts.


Lost Deities

Auma Deephand

This goddess of summer takes the form of a young woman. She is tall and has a curvy build. She has straight, neck-length, jade-colored hair. Her round eyes are red. She has blue skin. She is usually portrayed as wearing a weird costume made from the skin of a dead goddess. She carries a sack of grain.

Barony of the Seventy Long Trades

This narrow-minded aerial kingdom was noted for its advanced painting and brewing. It was destroyed by religious conflict caused by arrogance, leaving behind only methods of transportation and superstitions.

The City of Wyrmscrote

This is a City that is built inside of a massive cavern that used to house a once-proud civilization of avian dwarves. As the ages went by the dwarves eventually grew tired of flying and turned to more liquored pursuits. There is virtually everything an adventurer could want here, but strangely enough, there is only one of each type of shop, making it rather difficult to shop around for a good deal.

General Store, One Brass Lantern

This is your all-purpose adventuring supply store. Many adventurers new to the business of dungeon running often frequent here to purchase brass lanterns and a few pints of oil. Some smarter ones even think to purchase rations in case they find themselves hungry in the dungeon. This place also sells a filling brand of local wine made from gigantic mushrooms.

Armor Store, Two Forges

This is a blacksmith's store which specializes in armor of all shapes and sizes. The dwarves who run this shop are quite fond of making new and ingenious types of armor. They are quite gregarious and will help out new adventurers with advice, and, more importantly, make armor to order out of their impressive stores of materials sufficient to make virtually any armor imaginable.

Weapon Shoppe, Three of Swords

This shop is home to an elf, a dwarf, and a halfling who are master weaponsmiths. They create every single type of weapon known to exist and are also famous for creating magical weapons to order. They are fiercely competitive and extremely productive, and every month a contest is held for who can make the best of one specific kind of weapon. These weapons are put out on display in front of the shop, magically warded to prevent theft.

Holy Temple, Four Monuments

This generic temple has halls for every deity worshipped currently and some for deities who have been long dead (though such halls are closed for renovation). The monuments are referred to the four large towers which a priest can cloister themselves in for private study and prayer. You can purchase gear relavent to Clerics here.

Alchemist's Shoppe, Five Reagents

This place is a bustling brewery of potions which are overseen by five old crones from parts unknown. This place always smells strongly of medicine and deep sorcery. You can purchase potions here, and occasionally scrolls which many dungeon runners find useful, such as the Word of Recall scroll or the Detect Secret Doors scroll. They are a premium though and there are only a few available at any given time.

Magic Shoppe, Six Signs

A magical emporium wherein adventurers come to buy magical items and spells of various sorts that aren't specifically weapons or armor. You can purchase gear relevant to Wizards and Warlocks here.

Black Market, Lucky Sevens

This place sells a variety of items at vastly exploded prices. However, you can find magical items here that would not normally appear on any market. They are also willing to buy anything that you bring them, be it a slime mold or the Iron Crown of Galactica Annum.

Adventurer's Guildhall

This is the one stop shop to ask about quests and current up-to-date information on the Cave of Danger. Any dungeon runner worth his salt has come here to register for his official badge - reporting new monsters that have not been encountered before can turn a small fortune for hunters. Every registered adventuring group is also granted a personal storage area where they can leave their belongings safely, such as treasure and spare equipment.

Every so often there are Challenges posted and the Guildhall opens a vault that pits a dungeon runner against the harshest of odds. Each class of dungeon runner has a special vault that they can attempt to run; as of yet, nobody has finished the Challenges in the last twenty years. A special reward is given to those who finish it, though! The price of entry is a Danger Jewel, 30 of which exist in the Cave of Danger at any given time guarded by a variety of extremely powerful creatures and retired adventurers.

Tavern, the Dude and Catastrophe (Formerly the Wolf and Owl)

Tavern Owner: Sth-lot Toothspike the Mechanical

This modest tavern is the meeting ground for dungeon runners who are looking to recruit more people for their party. In addition to the decent music of disaffected bards and the excellent drinks provided by the golem barkeep, this place offers many amenities designed specifically for dungeon runners.