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The Letter of Jovendra to the People of the Steam Guild 2:56

...with your water, giver of life, boil it down with the heat of the sun, and use it's fule to move the innanimae, and create tools and forces to make the lives of all great, to a world were death of war is obsolte... ...souless constructs march from the factory, to spare the life of the living, and wage war without the loss of what is important. With it, the wars will be held in the air, the sea, and the stars, but not by humans, but thier constructs. With steam, the enviroment will change to our will, and technology will replace nature... ...soon, we shaw see the frut of our labor, and we shaw see agin the moving of stars to welcome us to the enlightened, and the otherworldly will come from the stars to see us, and it will be good.

So started Renvin. After February 5th, the GM of the game, Does Not Compute, disappeared leaving the game unresolved and the thread open. That's when the three players took over the thread. Since then two players continue to post moving the story along at a glacial pace. Until that is, when two players became one. A mod came and closed the thread ending the grand experiment.