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 Creator(s) ConfusedUs and oobey
 System(s) D20/D&D 4E/GURPS
 Genre(s) Fantasy


Marpocalypse is a post-apocalyptic setting jointly created by ConfusedUs and oobey. It is primarily set in a war-devastated Mushroom Kingdom, which fell under the tyrannical rule of Bowser following an explosion that permanently scarred and killed most of the world. The word Marpocalypse can also be used to refer to this explosion itself, as in "The Marpocalypse forever changed the face of the Mushroom Kingdom."

As time progresses (see below) the setting does not necessarily have to take on a post-apocalyptic feel, as Bowser's rule was eventually toppled, and a period of rebuilding began for the entire Kingdom. Furthermore, prior to the Marpocalypse the setting is very obviously not post-apocalyptic. Any games in this time period would simply feel like a "realistic" (i.e. not idyllic) interpretation of the Mushroom Kingdom setting.

History of the World

The history of the Mushroom Kingdom can be divided into three very distinct epochs: Old Kingdom (abbreviation: OK), Anno Domini Rex Koopa (translation: "In the Year of our King Koopa," also called Anno Koopa for short, abbreviation: AK), and After Bowser (abbreviation: AB). There is technically a 4th period of time, "Before Old Kingdom," but thanks to the Marpocalypse it now exists well outside of recorded history and common knowledge.

Old Kingdom

Lasted from 0 OK to 872 OK.

The early days of the Old Kingdom were peaceful ones, and although it was not an idyllic utopia, the Kingdom was a happy and prosperous place. Mushroom Folk, Kongs, Koopas, and Goombas all co-existed peacefully with one another, united at last under the banner of the Toadstool Throne. Not much is known about this time, although records indicate that the Kingdom shared a fairly stable truce with the Koopa nation to the northeast.

In the year 864 OK, a Koopa named Bowser toppled his nation's government, and installed himself as the de facto King of the Koopas. Relationships with the Mushroom Kingdom broke down almost immediately, and a long series of small skirmishes soon began between the two nations. On multiple occassions, Bowser successfully kidnapped the currently holder of the Toadstool Throne (much to the chagrin of her guards), only to be rescued by an up and coming hero by the name of Mario. His bravery on the battlefield and unwavering commitment to the Mushroom Kingdom would soon make him into the favored son of the entire Kingdom.

This state of affairs continued for quite some time, until the Koopa Kingdom began a quiet military buildup in the late 860s. Several of Peach's advisors alerted her to this possibility, and soon multiple operations (both public and covert) were underway in order to both prevent the war and ready the Kingdom. Ultimately, however, the Kingdom knew the inevitability it faced, and by 871 OK the only thing missing was a formal declaration of war.

Sitting at the head of the newly created Kingdom Defense Army was none other than the red-suited Hero of the Kingdom. Personally overseeing the creation and training of the army, Mario also drafted the vast majority of the army's campaign plans, all of which ultimately leading up to nothing short of a full-scale invasion.

In a stunning surprise attack, however, Bowser struck first and hard. Apparently alerted to the full extent and details of Mario's plans, he initiated a total and complete commitment of his forces to an attack on the Kingdom's seat of power. Watching in horror as Bowser's troops beat an unstoppable path to their door, the KDA barely scrambled in time to throw up a paltry defense of Mushroom City. The fighting was fierce, but in less than three hours the inevitability of Bowser's victory was apparent. And then the world exploded.

History is unclear as to what, exactly, the Marpocalypse was (although a certain group of 12 adventurers know all too well) but there is absolutely no doubt as to what happened next. Seizing the advantage with lightning speed, Bowser pressed his remaining forces as hard as he could, sweeping over the crushed KDA with amazing ease. Forced into disarray, Mario and Peach had no choice but to flee into hiding, leaving the throne vacant for the taking. By the end of the day, the reign of the Koopa King had begun.

Anno Koopa

Lasted from 0 AK to 27 AK. Members of the Resistance recorded this time as lasting from 872 OK to 899 OK. Marpocalypse Now occured during the finals days of 27 AK.

Much like his attack, Bowser's rule came swift and hard. Within a year of toppling Mushroom City, Bowser had successfully extended his rule across the entire Mushroom Kingdom. In typical style, his reign was characterized by mind-numbing oppression, surveillance, witch-hunts, and corruption. Coming on the heels of the world-levelling explosion, this sent the Mushroom Kingdom down an unstoppable slide into poverty and despair.

Lacking the freedom to mount any sort of opposition, most citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom fell into a life of either outright slavery or service in Bowser's growing army. Others, however, refused to go so quietly, and soon a grassroots resistance began to take hold. Predictably, Bowser tightened his grip in response, causing the resentment (and thus the resistance) to only swell in numbers. Rumors abounded of Mario's return, and with every passing day the resistance grew larger and the oppression grew worse.

Until one day, in the 27th year of Bowser's rule, fate conspired to bring a certain group of adventurers into Mario's care. Assisted by companions far too numerous to mention, six warriors carried the fate of the entire Kingdom from the underground sewers into Bowser's lair itself. Goombor, Boris, Kroop, Rogue Guy, Koopor, Holy Kong. These six names stand as high as any others in the halls of history, proof of the enduring spirit of the Kingdom itself. In less than a week, these six heros reunited the long lost Star Shards, brought down Bowser's citadel, and forever ended the Reign of the Koopa King.

In a fitting turn of events seen as an act of fate, the fall of the citadel wiped away all remnants of what once was. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Bowser, and The Six... all vanished forever on the day the citadel fell. Of the major players of the previous era, only Yoshi and Koopor survived, and both were maimed physically and scarred mentally. Most citizens viewed it as a sign of sorts; With the passing of the old world, so too went those who had built and shaped it. In their place would be built a new world and a new life, a life lived by new people forever freed from their past.

After Bowser

Current period of history. 890 OK - Present, but the fall of the citadel also saw the fall of OK reckoning. Marpocalypse 2 takes place in 100 AB.

This section is currently under construction. Please check back in as Marpocalypse 2 progresses.


Mushroom City
The once and future capital of the Mushroom Kingdom is Mushroom City. This sprawling metropolis was once the largest city in the kingdom, home to over half a million people. The shockwaves caused by the Marpocalypse destroyed much of the city, and within weeks, Bowser had taken over the city personally, using the remaining population as slave labor to build his new citadel. Since the Fall, the city has been restored to much of its former glory, although large sections are still under repair.

Bowser's Citadel
Bowser's original castle was destroyed when the Big Bobomb went off. With Luigi dead and Mario in hiding, Bowser took the remainder of his army and stormed Mushroom City. He soon raised his new citadel directly over the city, where it hovered, held in place by massive chains. Before the Six, no force had succeeded in attacking the citadel. However, through the combined efforts of the Six, the Citadel was brought to its knees, ending the reign of Bowser.

Now, the Citadel has been left in its final resting place, untouched and unrepaired, serving as a monument to the Old Regime.

Resistance HQ
Mario likewise fled the Marpocalypse, setting up shop in the Mushroom City sewers. Assisted by Peach and Toad, he started calling brave men and women to his cause, and Resistance HQ sprang into being. The former Resistance HQ is now the basement of the new government complex, serving primarily as a storage area.

WarioCorp, Incorporated
Located south and east of Mushroom City, beyond the Koopahari Desert, WarioCorp, Incoporated stands between Toadtown and the Tall, Tall Mountain. It is an impressive structure, with walls a hundred feet high. Wario made his home and business here, shipping his weapons, via warp pipe, to both Bowser and the Resistance alike.

WarioCorp survived the fall, and branch offices can be found in cities across the land.

This holy city was the birthplace of the Mushroom Folk race. For centuries they tilled the soil in the surrounding countryside, keeping back the encroaching desert via magic and manpower. Today, however, Toadtown lies totally under the dominion of WarioCorp. Wario has enslaved the locals to labor in his factory, going so far as to reanimate those toads who die. Toadtown is a desolate place, grim and unhappy with its new lot in life.

Koopahari Desert
This massive desert stretches for hundreds of miles north to south, but is luckly fairly narrow east to west. A meer eight-five miles wide at its narrowest point, the desert seperates Toadtown from Mushroom City. The desert sun bakes the land, attempting to destroy all life. This is not a metaphor. The desert sun is a massive ball of elemental fire that swoops down on the unsuspecting or the unprepared.

Tall, Tall Mountain
The tallest mountain in the Kingdom rises beyond Wariocorp. Its huge slopes affect the weather patterns for hundreds of miles, and are responsible for the Koopahari desert's existence. The mountain is home to various barbaric tribes as well as a sizeable number of goombas.

The Koopautobahn is a superhighway, constructed just before the Great War, that links Mushroom City with, well, just about everywhere. Extentions of the highway crisscross the countryside, providing easy access to the city, a fact that Bowser exploited to his advantage.

To this day, the Koopautobahn provides the quickest and easiest overland route through the Mushroom Kingdom.

Star Road
Located far above the Mushroom Kingdom, the Star Road sits atop an impossibly tall mountain. A place of magic and mystery, very, very few people have been there.

Character Creation Details


Currently, there have been two games set in the Marpocalypse universe.

Marpocalypse Now - The original game. Deals with the tyrannical rule of Bowser following the Marpocalypse itself, and the PCs efforts to topple it with the help of the Power Star.

Marpocalypse 2 - Subtitled "Invasion of the Star Warriors." Peace has been restored to the land, but now the Mushroom Kingdom faces a new threat unlike anything its ever seen before. Can the PCs fight off the Invasion of the Star Warriors? Only time will tell. (Currently ongoing.)


Below is the entire text of the infamous 'eat of me' fanfiction, originally posted by Fire Storm. Don't read this. No, really. Don't.

In front of the group stands a thin woman about 5'8" tall wearing a ratty and very stained piece of clothing that if you looked at long enough, you could just imagine that it was once a beautiful yellow dress. Her filthy brownish hair had been cut very short and very crudely, with several sections longer than another. Under all the grime on her face, she is probably attractive, but a look of loss and sorrow in her eyes only brings up one feeling: pity.

"I... I wasn't always like this, you know." She begins, her sweet voice is touched with a bit of sadness. "I was once a princess. Growing up, my sister Peach was my best friend. Before we could even walk, our parents made sure that we were brought up to be proper princesses. Every day we would spend hours learning everything a princess should know. The languages and history of all the cultures in the mushroom kingdom, how to act in polite society, and before... well, before everything went bad, we even had lessons in how we should treat our husbands." The princess sighed before continuing. "But that all changed the day Bowser first attacked."

"The first time we even heard about Bowser was only a few minutes before the first attack. Before we could run, before we could hide, and before we could say goodbye, the castle was hit. Neither Peach nor myself we hurt too badly, but both our mother and father were killed. If it wasn't for Toad's help escaping the ruins of the castle, we would have died that day when Bowser's army marched into the castle after the bob-ombardment. Dozens of loyal fungi laid down their lives to give us a few more seconds lead on the koopas."

"The following months were little more than a blur, running from tower to tower, looking for whatever hideout we could find. Peach and I did our best to be strong for those who we found on the road, but seeing the wounded and shell-shocked, it was hard. Even we were about to give up hope when we started to hear stories about two humans who were fighting Bowser." She gave a smile, something that looked like it had not been on her face for a long time. "Humans. In the mushroom kingdom! For hundreds of years, there had only been a few dozen humans in the kingdom, and here were two of them risking their lives, going against the mighty Bowser alone, and winning! That alone was enough to boost morale. It wasn't long before our little group grew big enough and bold enough to try to raid some of Bowser's supply convoys. I guess Peach was paying more attention than I did when father was talking about battle plans because Peach was a natural at guiding the troops. After a few successful raids, we got bolder. We were proud, we were confident... and that was a mistake. We tried to attack the airship of Bowser's son Ludwig, but it was too heavily defended. Some of us, including Peach and myself, managed to get almost to his chamber, but we got sloppy and we got caught."

"I don't know how long we were in that chamber, waiting, wondering what Ludwig was going to do with us. Then one day, we heard fighting. Neither of us could tell what exactly was going on, but the battle sounded very one sided... and it as getting closer. Then everything got silent. The next few minutes were the longest of our lives. When that door opened, we thought we were done for. But the fates had something else planned for us. HE walked in the door... tall, handsome, green coveralls..." The woman gazed off for a moment, remembering a few happy moments from long, long ago.

"After we got off the ship, my Luigi and his brother Mario stayed long enough to make sure we were going to be ok, then Mario pulled out a flute and they were off again. Rumor flew through the pipe network. Over the next few DAYS, these two brothers managed to do what we had been unable to do in months. They made it all the way to Bowser's castle and against all odds, they defeated him."

"When they made it back to the castle, there was much celebration. We were FREE! The tyrant had been defeated! Reconstruction took a while, but after all everyone had been through, we all worked hard. Peach and Mario got closer and closer, as did Luigi and myself. We had a beautiful double ceremony, but Mario and Peach were the celebrated couple, which neither Luigi nor myself really argued with. They lead, we followed without question. After a few years, everyone started to relax. Luigi and I even started to settle down a little and were talking about starting a family. I will never forget the day that we found out I was pregnant... it was the day that Bowser attacked one of the outlying towers. The next day, he was off." The woman paused for a moment. "And that's the last I ever saw of my Luigi. When he died, I... I died a little too. But I tried to be strong! I had so much to live for. I had to survive and raise our child. After Luigi's death, everything's a bit fuzzy."

"Mario... didn't take his brothers death too well. He went mad.... he made THE Bob-Bomb. I don't remember how it happened, who set it off, why it went off when it did, but in the end it didn't really matter. Mario and Peach were off fighting Bowser, while I commanded the troops from home... so I was there when IT went off. I saw the flash of light through the walls of the castle, and then everything fell down around me. When I woke up, I was trapped under the fallen roof and I was badly hurt. When I felt the intense pains from my stomach, I knew I lost the baby, and I just started crying. I... I stopped when I heard a voice, the voice of Bello, one of my sister's advisors. He was pinned pretty badly not more than a foot from me, but there was little either of us could do to help the other, so we just talked."

"For days we talked. He taught me a few simple spells to pass the time, but after a few days, I started to get weak from hunger and thirst." She shivered from the memories as they started to flood her mind once again. "After everything I had seen, after all I had been through, it was not the death of my family, the loss of my beloved Luigi, nor the loss of my child that finally made me crack... it was what Bello did that finally made me lose it. No matter what I do, I will never forget what he said to me. 'My princess, you must survive. Eat of me. I will rejoin the soil.' And... he... he... he pulled a small blade from his belt and cut off one of his legs. He didn't cry, he didn't even make a sound. When he gave me his leg, I was so hungry I couldn't help but bite into it... and it was the most delicious thing I ever tasted." The woman started to sob uncontrollably, but she continued anyway. "I don't remember being rescued... but after I was rescued, I remember being in a camp where there were hundreds of injured fungi... it was so overwhelming, that I just stood up and walked away. I walked for months, finding food wherever I could, begging for scraps, going through garbage cans, whatever. I don't know when I was picked up by Bowser's troops, and I don't know how long it has been since then... but I want to get out of here. I would like to see the sun, just one last time. Please, take me out of here with you."

The group looked at her for a few moments in silence before Coobi spoke. "Of course we will help you leave here. But tell us, child, what is your name?"

The princess smiled and curtsied. "Why, my name is Daisy. Daisy Mario."