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The following is a conversion of the classic PC game X-Com: UFO Defense to the Savage Worlds system by ManMythLegend.

The original game, X-Com: Life Is Competitively Priced, ran for over a year and a half and 6 missions, from March 14th, 2010 to Oct 3rd, 2011. It featured 21 different characters all trying their best to save humanity against the alien menace.

LlSix's successor game, X-Com: A Rookie Murder Simulator, started November 23rd, 2011. If you're interested in joining then stop by the recruiting thread and submit a character.

If you are interested in using this conversion for your own games, you can download it offsite at Savagepedia.

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The Alien War and the History of X-Com

January 1st, 2020 marked the start of the Alien War. That was the day that a platoon of US Marines on patrol near a remote Somali village came under fire from a group of extraterrestrials. The marines took heavy casualties during their withdrawal, and the whole thing was broadcast live on CNN thanks to the embedded reporter’s satellite uplink. The images took the world by storm, and soon after reports of alien attacks began to crop up around the globe.

World Governments reacted quickly, and task forces and coalitions of all shapes and sizes quickly sprung up to deal with the alien menace. However, military cutbacks following the conclusion of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the early teens, combined with the ongoing commitments of the Red Sea Intervention that started in the latter part of the decade, left most nations incapable of dealing with an enemy as large, intelligent, and secretive as the aliens. After nearly two years of trying, the era of sovereign action ended with the Annapolis Conference of 2022 where the major industrialized nations agreed that a well funded, independent entity needed authority to act unilaterally in response to the extraterrestrial threat.

Dozens of private military corporations bid for the lucrative contract, but after a year of hearings and negotiations by the international community a small American company by the name of X-Com won the contract. Humanity’s bureaucratically appointed champion had made a name for itself during the early months of NATO's 2018 invasion of Yemen by conducting very effective special operations style, platoon sized raids against high value targets. This highly flexible and rapid mission capability would be the model the company would use in conducting a conflict as unpredictable as the Alien War.

Now, as 2025 opens, X-Com sits on the verge of finally taking the fight to the enemy. The company has established bases on nearly every continent, and has put the finishing touches on its air superiority squadrons and long range sensor networks. This is an exciting time to begin your employment with us. Your hard work in the coming months will have a direct impact on the survival of mankind. The future is in your hands. Welcome aboard.

X-Com Personnel

Warrant Officer Insignia
General Insignia

X-Com is the largest, and best equipped, Private Military Corporation in history. As such it encompasses a wide variety of employees. Everything from high power, corporate executives to quantum physicists are on the payroll. However the largest single pay expenditure is for its combat personnel.

For the most part, X-Com’s soldiers are former military of some kind, though the occasional transplant from the law enforcement or intelligence communities has been known to appear. The company likes to give the appearance that it has a strict screening process, but the reality is that there is a high mortality rate among its combat personnel, especially rookies, and they can’t afford to be picky.

Every applicant, regardless of previous experience, starts their career with X-Com as a rookie. Fighting extraterrestrials is a completely different animal than normal warfare, which is something a lot of rookies have a hard time wrapping their heads around. Even though they are technically contractees, there is no set rank or insignia for them since they are more or less “trial” employees. Those recruits who demonstrate they can perform on a mission are quickly promoted to Squaddie, and offered full contract status. For those that prove they have what it takes, and demonstrate superior performance in combat, promotions can come quickly.

Combat personnel are paid very well per mission, with the pay for rookies starting at $35,000 per contract and rising from there. In order to minimize the amount of capitol expenditure from the company at any one time, and given the proclivities of the average combat recruit, X-Com holds most of these earnings in escrow until the employee terminates service. Since combat personnel are housed, fed, and cared for by the company during their employment they don't require excess liquid funds for day to day expenses so the small "discretionary" pay they get up front is more then sufficient. The rest of the money is pouring into a variety of mutual funds, CD's, and other investments, which help offset the care and feeding costs of the soldiers and pilots. Upon the termination of employment (either voluntarily or through death) the escrow funds are released to the employee or a designated benificiary as either a lump sum or an annuity.

X-Com Ranks

Even though X-Com is technically a private military corporation, it has structured itself after actual western militaries. The reasons for this are twofold:

1) Most of X-Com’s personnel are former military, and a parallel rank structure makes their transition easier.
2) Sharing a similar style rank structure makes joint operations with NATO nations much simpler to coordinate.

There are two tiers of combat personnel in the X-Com hierarchy. The first are contractees, which are roughly analogous to enlisted personnel in traditional militaries. These employees are paid per mission, via individual contracts signed prior to insertion. They are free to leave X-Com employment at any time. The second tier consists of salaried troops, who have proven themselves in combat enough to be offered full time work by X-Com. These personnel fill the same rolls that SNCO’s and commissioned officers do in conventional militaries.

Unlike their standard military counterparts, X-Com teams do not necessarily run the gamut of ranks. Due to the relative experience of the company’s soldiers when compared to sovereign militaries, and the small pool of combat ready personnel, teams may consist of entirely contracted personnel. However, X-Com likes to have salaried troops lead combat teams and installations whenever possible.

In addition to the formal ranks listed in the table, X-Com occasionally grants its personnel “administrative promotions”. While these promotions don’t carry any extra base pay, they are given cash bonuses commensurate with their extra authority and responsibility. The first of these ranks is Warrant Officer. Warrants are generally used to fill the gap that a Lieutenant or Captain would fill at a base lacking any salaried personnel. The second administrative rank is General, who are normally used as advisors to the Board of Directors or as liaisons with foreign governments and militaries.

Character Creation Guidelines

1) Characters aren’t wild cards as rookies. Also, rookies only get one bennie per session instead of three. They have to survive a mission first. This means no wild card edges, no wild die, and you die after receiving a wound. X-Com combat is difficult. Rookies are expendable.
2) No edges from the "Weird" category.
3) Rookies start with a choice of a predetermined equipment kit. These are listed below
4) The GM is the final arbiter of hindrances. No one-armed, old men to score those extra points! Also, you can't gain any extra starting cash for hindrances.
5) Besides a character sheet, just provide a simple paragraph or two character background and a decent picture to make a token out of.

Issued Rookie Kits

Standard Rifleman (20.5 lbs total)

X-Com Combat Gear
Radio and Headset (1 lbs)
Sig Sauer P220
2 M4 Magazines (60 rounds total)
3 P220 Magazines (21 rounds total)
$150 for expendables and miscellaneous

CQB Quiet (19 lbs total)

X-Com Combat Gear
Radio and Headset (1 lbs)
MP5-N (Suppressed)
Sig Sauer P226 (Suppressed)
3 MP-5 Magazines (90 rounds total)
2 P226 Magazines (30 rounds total)
$225 for expendables and miscellaneous

CQB Loud (22 lbs total)

X-Com Combat Gear
Radio and Headset (1 lbs)
Mossberg 590A1
Sig Sauer P220
24 12 Gauge Shells
2 P220 Magazines (14 rounds total)
$430 for expendables and miscellaneous

Heavy Weapons (36.5 lbs total)

X-Com Combat Gear
Radio and Headset (1 lbs)
M249 Para
Sig Sauer P220
1 Box Magazine (200 rounds total)
1 P220 Magazines (7 rounds total)
$75 for expendables and miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Gear

Rail Mountable Flashlight: ($10, 0.5 lbs) Provides 20' illumination (5 hexes/inches)
Chemlights: ($1, 10 sticks, 0 lbs ) Dim illumination in a small burst.
Flares: ($1, 0.2 lbs ) Bright illumination in a large burst.
Grappling Hook: ($50, 5 lbs) Aids climbing when added to rope.
Rope: ($20, 15 lbs) 20' of synthenic line.