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Some say that Singapore, Michigan shouldn’t exist. It should have been swallowed up by the sands. The city had a bright start followed by a series of disasters. A banking scandal, a horrible blizzard and an environmental disaster all conspired to destroy the city. By 1872 the end of the city loomed on the horizon. Deforestation to feed lumber hungry cities around Lake Michigan led to the area being deforested. The lumber industry cut down all the wood in the area without regard to possible consequences. They didn't realize the trees kept the sand dunes from moving further inland. The end of the timber industry and the aggressive action of the dunes caused many people to leave the city. The town seemed destined to be a ghost town buried under the sand.

That was when Jeremiah Raymond came in and saved the town. He bought up most of the land from people too willing to sell and then he went about saving the town from oblivion. Jeremiah’s efforts paid off. Singapore once again rose to prominence. This time under the careful hand of Jeremiah. He became the hero of the town. His success at saving the town led him to become the wealthiest person in town.

The town of Singapore went from being a town to a city. It grew in size and prosperity. The city weathered bad times along with the rest of the country, but it managed to keep going. After the post war boom of the fifties, something seemed to happen. Singapore lost the luster it once had. The city began to go into a spiral.

At the same time, people began to notice the area had a lot of strange phenomena occurring in and around it. Everyone had a story about an experience they had with the supernatural. Ghosts haunting houses, a sasquatch in the state park, and even an angel visitation. Singapore became a hotspot for people interested in the supernatural.

Since the turn of the century, the weirdness of the city seems to have increased. No one is quite sure what is going on, but many locals say they can feel that something has changed. The change has begun to draw more people to the town.

Luke Barrett, a town councilman and one of the last descendants of Jeremiah Raymond, has begun a search to find some people to help him with his paranormal research. Recently he has managed to gain control of the Raymond family mansion. A victorian mansion built and lived in by his illustrious ancestor. He thinks that the mansion would be a good place to investigate the supernatural. He just needs a few volunteers.

This will be a realistic supernatural mystery game using GURPS. The characters will be investigators of the strange phenomenon happening in Singapore. The game is still in the preparation phase. The system used to run this game will likely be Gumshoe.


Cursed City is another name of this setting.