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  1. The World of Near
    1. History
    2. About the Setting
    3. Near is yours to discover
    4. The Real Deal
  2. The Species of Near
    1. The Old Species
      1. Masters of War: Humans
      2. Monsters of Heaven: Elves
      3. Beasts of Hunger: Goblins
    2. The New Species
      1. Tooth and Teat: Ratkin
  3. The Cultures of Near
    1. Maldor, Seat of Destruction
    2. Zaru, the Land of Creation
    3. Ammeni, The Flower of Hell
    4. Khale, The Roots of the World
    5. Qek, the Land of Mystery

Near is the fantasy setting used in The Shadow of Yesterday, an indie-rpg from Anvilwerks. It is intended to be pulpy, romantic, and post-apocalyptic. Its author describes it as 'pumpkin fantasy.' Because The Shadow of Yesterday is released under the Creative Commons license, the following is the material released by the author, in the revised edition, with some small edits and corrections.

Each page has room for 'non-canonical' information, that is not in the revised edition, and might include suggestions, impressions, and actual tabletop choices. Obviously, this information may be self-contradictory, but hey, whatever, just get your juices flowing.