The Wal

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The Wal
 Creator(s) Red Mage
 System(s) D&D 4E
 Genre(s) Fantasy

In the year of our lord, Sam, TwelveHundred and Eleven, I write to you, as a brother, o creature from beyond the wal.



The Wal is a setting inspired by Wall-E and Idiocracy. A setting where sometime if the distant past a megastore closed its doors, and those left inside went on to form a society. What follows should by no means restrict your creativity, since this is a loose idea for a setting more than anything else, but should instead help you to make The Wal your own.

The Seven Kingdoms

Within the Wal there are currently 7 great kingdoms that have stood for countless years. They flucutate between war and peace, freedom and oppression, but they form the core of the Wal. Each kingdom hosts a multitude of races, though humans are the dominant in all but one kingdom. Most kingdoms hold at least one Citory, a place that houses many many people and rises into the sky with stairs to move people to and fro. Roughly 15,000 people reside within the Wal, going about their lives growing food, making what they need from what is around, rarely straying from the relative saftey of their area unless compelled by country or disaster.

Aut Tive

The firey craftshops of Aut Tive provide the equipment and arsenals of most of the seven kingdoms. Rife with metal and pits Aut Tive's greatest triumph is the lost technology of the Moto, a fire belching morass of gears and bars that moves with the commands of its rider. Powered by the ritual magic practiced in the deep pits at the northwest gate, the Moto of Aut Tive enable their riders to cross from one end of the Wal to the other in less than an hour. Handling such a beast is tricky, though the technomancers can teach one to handle such a beast in as little as a week. Dwarves and Tieflings both have enclaves here, both aiding the Aut Tive empire in its expansion.

Aut Tive is often at war with Meand, each pushing and vying to expand their borders with the other, hoping not to attract the attention of the warring Perrel nations.

Locations of Interest

In the northwest corner of Aut Tive lies the Northwest Gate, it was long ago sealed shut, but some say that the technomancers hold an ancient key that will open it.

Not far south of there are the pits, Aut Tive's pits are where the fierce Moto are constructed. They are often overrun or bordered on being overrun by the horrors that crawl forth from the sludge produced in the Moto's construction. Rumor has it one of the pits of Aut-Tive leads to the Ployee tunnels and the innumerable treasure therein.

The secrets of Aut Tives technomancers are well guarded but their god well known. King Michelin, the stout, was an ancient emperor who rode across the Wal in a magic chariot that would glide on air itself. One day he will return to rule the Wal from his chariot again, and the Technomancers who aid him will be well rewarded.

Aut Tive Special things

Tire Iron
Exotic Weapon
+3 1d8 brutal 1

There will be a moto here

Channel Divinity> Michelin Man
Divine Encounter
Close Burst 5, All allies in burst
You spend a healing surge (Gaining its benefit), 
Until the end of your next turn you and all allies in burst gain Resist 5 all


Wome Perrel

Me Perrel

Me Perrel Special Things

Exotic Weapon, Flail
+2 1d6
Brutal 1, This weapon counts as a light blade for the purposes of sneak attack damage


The ground of Cerie is different than the cold natural ground of most everywhere within the Wal. The ground of Ceria is unnaturally soft and from its filth and muck erupt giant protuberances. This soil (as the residents call it) is the lifeblood of all who live within the Wal. In it grow the crops and grains to feed the livestock. Cerie is the only land that is not embroiled in conflict with the others, simply because the risk of losing the foodstuffs is too great. The flora and fauna of Cerie have adapted to the terrain, growing straight up from the strange ground or traversing it in a rapid manner.


The Citory of Ware rises 4 stories over the Canal in the Southwest corner of Cerie. It is a bustling place, home to over a thousand people living within its Iron Gates. Ware is built atop a great source of Iron and Ceramics, the products reclaimed there often find their way to Aut Tive to be melted into weapons and armor. The Citory itself is well defended thanks to its Manager's deep pockets. The Manager for Ware is Lum Casiron, a ruthless goblin who will traffic in anything that can be trafficked. Under his law the Citory is a merchants paradise, and just about anything that can be sent here by the canals finds its way into Ware.

Locations of Interest



Beyond the Seven

The Canals

Loyee Tunnels

Above the Wal

Beyond the Wal