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Cult of the Pain God

AKA Followers of the UnRisen Lord, the Cult of the Pain God is the primary religion of Ravenloft. It is monotheistic, cruel, unforgiving, and keeps the serfs/peasants even further under the iron bootheel of the Dark Lords, many of which are figures out of the Black Bible.

This converts Ravenloft to monotheistic system that is both familiar and oh so horrifyingly wrong. It's the Bible if it was written about a truly monstrous God and His followers. However, this somewhat means the setting has to carry a certain feel to it, and attitudes have to be modified. First thing that needs to be considered is the Life of a Ravenloft Peasant and the attitudes of the peasants toward demi-humans when you are putting this stuff into place, you can use what was originally used, or make your own decisions.

The Cult of the Pain God has the following important figures still in Ravenloft:

The following characters in Ravenloft have been modified (That I can remember how)

Quotes from the Black Bible (That I remember off the top of my head)

Some stuff from the 50 Foot Ant