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I'm using this to keep track of notes for GURPS Heroes. Don't be a bitch and metagame, please. Test edit.

Test edit.

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[b]* The Mob *

Paulie shakes his head. "Nah, that's what Sam is here for. Boss wants you inside, with me. Figures it's about time," he says as they head upstairs. Sam pulls out a paper as he leans against the wall on the second floor, as Paulie walks toward 214. Reaching the door, he lifts his fist and pounds hard on the door three times. After a moment, the door opens a crack, the little chain on the inside attached. "Who is it?" A voice asks, before Paulie brings his hand down into the door, ripping that little chain off quickly, and pushing in.

The inside of the apartment appears to share an identical layout to John's. He sees the young man who he'd followed backing quickly away from the door. "What the fuck man?"

"Hey, my friend and I have a few questions..." Paulie begins ominously.

GM Notes

Will need to be very free with the CP on this one. Probably will provide Page Completion Bonuses. Will reveal Power stats to the players slowly. Players will have to buy new Powers or buy off limitations, all Powers should start out pretty highly limited. Brand New Powers may require some justification. I want the powers to be partially balanced to start, but it's not a #1 Priority to the players.

Powers Chosen

Chameleon Skin

Jeffrey 'J' Willington Cabbie
Advantage: Chameleon (B41 P43)
Will later be able to purchase Controllable and Dynamic.
Will grow into a Morph ability...
Chameleon is 5 points per level, provides +2 to stealth when still, and +1 when moving. Start with Uncontrollable [-10%] and Unreliable (8) [-40%]

Ice Control

Kieth Hayes Rockstar
Advantages: Control (Ice) (P90), Create (Ice) (P90), Temperature Control (Cold) (B92 P83)
Create will probably come later, it's expensive. Will likely start with 1 level each of Temperature Control (Cold) and Control (Ice)
Control 20 Points/Level. Requires touch, and can effect up to 10*Level^2 lbs of substance. Unrelable (8) [-40%]

Telescopic/Microscopic Vision

Human GPS

Magnetic Control


Samuel Foley Southwest Author
Advantages: Regeneration (B80 P70), Regrowth (B80 P71)
Regrowth will come later. Start with only one level on Regeneration.
Regeneration (Slow) (1HP/12 hours) with Heal Radiation [14] Points.
Regeneration (Regular (1 HP / Hr) with Heal Radiation [35] Points.


Altered Time Rate


Power Damper


Michael Durham Airline Pilot
Advantages: Warp (B97 P88)
Based on Psionic Teleportation. Will not originally include Blind, but will have reduced range.
Warp [100] Base. Reduced Range (10x) [-30%], Unreliable (Activation 5) [-80%] = [20]

Astral Projection

Phermone Detection/Control

Gene Conner Paramedic
Not sure yet how to model this. Will definitely have a highly developed sense of smell, but what next? Should Phermone control be modeled as a type of hypnosis/mind control power? Probably...
Acute Taste & Smell [2] per level, 10 levels Mind Control [50] Emotion Only [-50%] Unreliable (Activation 5) [-80%] Area Effect 1 [+50%] Emanation [-20%], Scent Based [-20%], Uncontrollable [-10%] = [-80%] = [10]

Fire Control

Radio Detection/Emitter

Plant Control

John Hawkwood Low level Thug
Example Talent: Plant Control (P132)
Advantages: Plant Empathy (B75) [5], Speak with Plants (B87) [15], Detect (Plants) (B48) [20] Uncontrollable [-10%]
Will gain more from the Powers Plant Control power.


Precognitive Danger Sense

Super Strength

Electricity Control