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Jeffrey 'J' Willington (namesake)
60 Points Age 27 Human Cab Driver
ST: 10 [0] IQ: 11 [20]
DX: 10 [0] HT: 10 [0]
Secondary Attributes
Dmg d-2/d; BL 20lbs; Will 11; Per 11; FP 10; Speed 5; Basic Move 5; HP 10
Languages: English (Native) Advantages: Absolute Timing [2]; Contact Group (Cabbies, information skills, ES: 15, fairly often, somewhat reliable) [10]; Empathy [5]; Voice [10]
Wealth (Poor) [-15]; Chummy [-5]; Code of Honour (Cabbie: Never leave a fare behind, Always help other cabbies out) [-5]; Dependant (Elderly Mother, no more than 25%, Loved One, Quite often) [-40]; Light Sleeper [-5]; Overconfidence [-5]; Broad minded [-1]; Likes: Alanis Morisette [-1]; Imaginative [-1]
Acting iq/av 12 [4]; Area Knowledge (City) iq/easy 14 [8]; History (City) IQ/Hard 9 [1]; Carousing ht/easy 13 [8]; Cartography iq/av 11 [2]; Computer operations iq/easy 13 [4]; Cooking iq/av 12 [4]; Current Affairs iq/easy (Business) 12 [2]; Current Affairs iq/easy (Headline news) 13 [4]; Current Affairs iq/easy (People) 13 [4]; Current Affairs iq/easy (Regional) 14 [8]; Driving (automobile) dx/av 14 [16]; Electronic Operations (Communications) iq/av 12 [4]; Gambling iq/av 12 [4]; Karate dx/hard 10[ 4]; Mechanic (Automobile) iq/av 12 [4]; Scrounging per/easy11 [2]; Streetwise IQ/av13 [8];


Jeffrey was born in the big city to a fairly poor family in [GENERIC CITY]. He attended school as an only child while his father worked in construction and his mother, Wendy, stayed at home. Jeffrey never really settled in school and dropped out as soon as possible, working a series of oddjobs across the city until he was 24 years old.

It was then that his father developed incurable lung cancer and died, leaving his mother a widow with no hope of getting work. The investigation found no solid evidence for negligence by his contracting company and so there was no option to sue or compensation for Wendy. It was there and then that Jeff turned himself from a bit of a lazy bum into a somebody. He got a job as a taxidriver, working long hours to support himself and his mother, going over to her apartment once a week to cook her dinner. He began reading in earnest, mostly current affairs and magazines to help with his taxi gossip, but he recently brought The Great Gatsby to try and read in his cab as well. He hung around the depot and talked to the older guys, learning about the cars, radios and the city itself and even took a basic computer course down at the Y.

Jeffrey lives in a small one bedroom apartment, sparsely decorated with a small tv and photos of his parents. Jeffrey spends most of his income on cookery items as he seems to be naturally talented at creating tasty dishes, and he sometimes hopes to become a highly paid chef, although he knows it would be almost impossible to get into that field of work at his age, at least while supporting his mum. Most of Jeffreys life is consumed by work (where he either drives or reads), sleep or Wendy, but when he has a spare moment to do as he wishes he enjoys he cooks, or practises Karate. It's not a thing he really takes seriously, as he doesn't have the time or money for lessons but he brought himself a beginners book and practises the stances as often as he can.