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John Hawkwood (Mukaikubo)
60 Points Human
ST: 11 [10] IQ: 10 [0]
DX: 11 [20] HT: 11 [10]
Secondary Attributes
HP 11; Will 10; Per 10; FP 11
Contact Group (Local Mafiosos, Mafia-type skills, 15 ES, 9 or less, Somewhat Reliable) [10] ; Patron (Seattle Mob Don, Powerful Individual, 9 or less) [10]; Resistant to Disease (+3) [3]
Poor (4k$ starting wealth) [-15]; Skinny [-5]; Duty(Mob, 9 or less, occasionally hazardous) [-5]; Guilt Complex [-5]; Loner [-5]; Pacifism: Reluctant Killer [-5]
10 Acting IQ/A [2]; 10 Area Knowledge(Seattle) IQ/E [1]; 9 Body Language Per/A [1]; 13 Brawling DX/E [4] (+1 dmg); 11 Carousing HT/E [1]; 10 Climbing DX/A [1]; 10 Computer Operation IQ/E [1]; 10 Escape DX/H [2]; 10 Fast Talk IQ/A [2]; 11 Filch DX/A [2]; 11 Guns(Pistol) DX/E [1]; 10 Holdout IQ/A [2]; 10 Lockpicking IQ/A [2]; 9 Mechanic(Wheeled) IQ/A [1]; 11 Melee: Knife DX/E [1]; 9 Observation Per/A [1]; 10 Panhandling IQ/E [1]; 10 Pickpocket DX/H [2]; 10 Savoir-Faire(Mafia) IQ/E [1]; 10 Scrounging Per/E [1]; 10 Stealth DX/A [1]; 10 Streetwise IQ/A [2]; 10 Urban Survival Per/A [2]; 11 Wrestling DX/A [2]


John was just an everyday high school kid in Vermont. Decent middle class family, mom, dad, younger sister. OK grades, enough to get into the state college, but he wasn't one of the Brains or the Jocks. He was just kind of there, background, never really important enough to notice. One night, though, he heard from the room next door, his sister crying out every so often in pain. Instead of getting up to help her, John just laid in bed, wishing she would shup up so he could get some sleep.

The next morning, he woke up to screaming, and crying, and sirens of an ambulance. His sister had died during the night. A brain hemmhorrage, they said. Nothing he could have done, they claimed, but John knew better. If he only hadn't been so lazy, so worthless, he could have gotten help. Maybe she'd even still be alive if it wasn't for him laying in bed while she died five yards away. After that, he tried to keep going, but it was like school, home, everything was just caught in a blur. Desperate to get away from his own memories and guilt, one night he stole some money and ran away from home a month into his junior year, headed somewhere away from that sad little home.

Eventually, he ended up in Seattle, which is about as far away from Vermont as you get in the mainland US. He 'settled in' as much as was possible for a guy without any real identifying documents or much cash to do so, and started taking various jobs where nobody asked too many questions and slowly got up enough cash to scratch out a poor kind of life. After a few months of this, he saved a local Mob man's teenage son from a random robbery, which brought him to the attention of local organized crime. The city's mob boss took a personal interest in him, and over the next year John switched between an honest minimum wage job and the infrequent, but much more rewarding, jobs he got doing odds and ends for the mob. Just often enough to keep him in food and rent for his tiny room above a garage, and just enough to get by and some nights not think about a comfortable house in Vermont.