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Michael Durham (Melondude)
60 Points Human
ST: 10 [0] IQ: 11 [20]
DX: 10 [0] HT: 10 [0]
Secondary Attributes
HP 10 [0]; Will 10 [-5]; Per 13 [10]; FP 10 [0]
Absolute Direction [5]; Contact Group (United Airlines) (Effective skill: 21, 12 or less, Usually Reliable) [40]
Overconfidence [-5]; Workaholic [-5]; Chummy [-5]; Curious [-5]; Dependant (Child, Lives with mother, 25% of point total, Loved one, Fairly Often) [-20] Quirks: Constantly flirts with any and all female flight attendants; Wears his pilot's outfit as often as possible; Addiction (Coffee); Proud; Showoff
11 Area Knowledge (Airports) IQ/E [1]
11 Area Knowledge (Sacramento) IQ/E [1]
13 Computer Operation IQ/E [2]
10 Mechanic(Planes) IQ/A [1]
10 Brawling DX/E [1]
12 Cartography IQ/A [4]
10 Driving (Automobile) DX/A [2]
11 Electronics Operation (Comm) IQ/A [2]
10 Electronics Repair (Comm) IQ/A [1]
11 First Aid IQ/E [1]
10 Guns (Pistol) DX/E [1]
10 Leadership IQ/A [1]
10 Mechanic (High Performance Airplane) IQ/A [1]
10 Navigation (Air) IQ/A [1]
12 Observation Per/A [1]
10 Parachuting DX/E [1]
13 Piloting (High Performance Airplane) DX/A [12]
10 Swimming HT/E [1]


Michael grew up in Sacramento with his family in a tiny apartment. His life was fairly simple, but his attraction to planes was something that started as a child. He became so interested in them he would wait by the window to see them pass by overhead. This passion followed him through his life, eventually leading to him getting his pilot's license.

The life was great for him, but he never seemed to realise how much of a toll it was on his loved ones. His marriage ended up falling apart recently, his wife gaining custody of their only child. Timothy Durham was an average happy kid who doesn't quite understand why his parents live seperately now. It'll be his 9th birthday next month, and Michael looks forward to celebrating it.

He's a good airline pilot, having landed a private jet with faulty landing gear early on in his career as one of his achievements. He does love his work, but the divorce has led him to wonder if this life is right for him. Maybe he needs to find a career that would let him start a new family he could spend a lot of time with. He doesn't know for sure, but he intends to find out. He has booked off the next few weeks to consider his options, starting soon.