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Samuel Foley (Evil Badman)
60 Points Human Author
ST: 09 [-10] IQ: 12 [40]
DX: 10 [0] HT: 10 [0]
Secondary Attributes
Damage d-2/d-1; BL 16 lbs; HP 9 [0] ; Will 12 [0] ; Per 12 [0] ; FP 10 [0] ; Dodge 8 ; Basic Speed 5 [0] ; Basic Move 5 [0] ; Water Move 1
Languages: English (Native) [0]; Spanish (Accented) [+4] Cultural Familiarity: Western Civ [0] Advantages: Status: 1 [5] (Limited to the Southwest United States); Wealth: 1 [10] ; Wife [1] (Ally (100% point Total; Fairly often 9 or less) [5] Dependant (100% point total; Loved one; Quite Often 12 or less) [-4])
Bad Sight [-10] (Nearsighted, Mitigator: Contacts) ; Fearfulness: 2 [-4]; Oblivious [-5]; Shyness [-5]; Squeamish [-10]; Quirks: [-1] Chews his nails when nervous or bored; [-1] Coffee/Caffeine
13 Area Knowledge: SouthWest US (IQ/E) [2] ; 09 Cooking (IQ/A) [1]; 09 Climbing (DX/A) [1]; 13 Computer Operation (IQ/E) [2] 13 Current Affairs: Regional (IQ/E) [2]; 12 Geography: SW US [Physical] (IQ/H) [4]; 10 Hiking (HT/A) [2]; 13 History: SW US (IQ/H) [8]; 13 Literature (IQ/H) [8]; 13 Research (IQ/A) [4]; 12 Survival [2]; 11 Typing (DX/E) [2]; 14 Writing (IQ/A) [8]


Samuel Foley, while relatively unknown outside of Arizona and New Mexico, enjoys a life of success from authoring a half dozen coffee table books about the region. Sam's life revolves around the exploration of nature in the area, all the while devouring chronicles on the indigenous Native American tribes and Spanish Conquistadors. Often accompanied by his wife and fellow enthusiast, Tara, Sam rarely visits the larger cities for fear of recognition. The minor fame is nothing more than an unforeseen consequence of a captivating hobby.

The common question whenever Foley is interviewed for a local paper is easily, "What inspired you to pursue this field?" Each time, Sam happily recited his answer, "Back, in 1982, I had to be six or seven then, I first laid eyes on my inspiration: Indiana Jones. The Raiders of the Lost Ark was projected on movie screens all over the country, and after watching it, everything clicked. The thought of an entire life devoted to the continual exploration of history intrigued me, to say the least. Every week, I would spend my meager allowance at an art store near our house on paint brushes. My imagination ran wild, as I dug through the backyard, using the brushes to clean up any unusual rocks or items I may find." Reminiscing in the absurd child logic, he pauses and shakes his head. "You have to realize, I didn't exactly know what I was onto then, but I knew I wanted to keep doing it."

"High school breezed by, my life's ambition becoming more attainable by each passing semester. I admit, despite my fascination with learning I faltered enough to place behind the eventual valedictorian. Had I the focus I do today, well it'd just be another title to throw around in public, I guess. College I recall more fondly, because of my dear Tara. We met during my junior year, her freshman and quickly connected on the subject of nature. She remains to this day, one of the most gifted photographers I have ever seen. I dedicated our first work together to her, which is strange, dedicating a book to its co-contributer..." This pause usually amused the interviewer, allowing them to relax and ask less cliche questions.