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Keith Hayes (Sion)
60 Points Age 31 Human Musician 5'6" 110 Lbs
ST: 9 [-10] IQ: 12 [40]
DX: 9 [-20] HT: 10 [0]
Secondary Attributes
Damage d-2/d-1 ; BL 16 lbs ; Will 11 [-5] ; Per 12 [0] ; FP 10 [0] ; Basic Speed 4.75 ; Basic Move 4 ; Dodge 7 ; HP 9 [0]
Reputation: +1 (Large Group; Occasionally; Used to have #1 Single) [1] Languages: English (Native) [0] Advantages: Attractive [+04]; Voice [+10]
Build: Skinny [-05]; Extra Sleep 1 [-02]; Nightmares [-05]; Hard of Hearing [-10]; Dyslexia [-1] ; Recovering Addict [-1] ; Broad-minded [-1]
Area Knowledge (London) IQ/E 13 +2; Brawling DX/E 12 +4; Cooking IQ/A 12 +2; Carousing HT/E 13 +8; Computer Operation IQ/E 12 +1; Current Affairs (Pop Culture) IQ/E 14; Current Affairs (Sports) IQ/E 14 ; Current Affairs (People) IQ/E 14 ; Dancing DX/A 10 ; Detect Lies Per/H 12 ; Diplomacy IQ/H 13 (11) +2 for voice; Driving (Automobile) DX/A 10 ; First Aid IQ/E 12 ; Fast-Talk IQ/A 12 ; Group Performance IQ/A 12 ; Housekeeping IQ/E 12 ; Musical Composition IQ/H 13 ; Sex Appeal HT/A 13 (11) +2 for voice ; Singing HT/E 16 (14) +2 for voice


Keith State was born in the south east of London to a family that had moved down south from the north of England. It was quite early on in his life that his parents realised that the boy had a talent for signing. His family background, however, was not the most receptive to the idea of having a pansy singer in their family. He was going to grow up to become something decent, like a boxer or something.

This didn't mean he couldn't sing in the church choir or anything. He did that until the age of thirteen when his voice became too deep to do anything with chorally. He just about gave up on singing then and it wasn't until his next door neighbour Avery Lamb decided that it'd be fun to get together and play in a band, after all he had anger management issues and a drum kit and Keith could sing...

The first concert was a huge success. Fifteen people showed up and some of them even clapped! A while later and the numbers were into the hundreds. A UK tour followed with a place opening for some scouser band no one's heard from since in King Tuts Wah Wah hut in Glasgow. The band, Homeless Crown, were getting some heat.

Being the front man of a popular indie band really helps your ego. Keith was on the top of the world with the women and the money to prove it. They were getting a lot of money per gig and... well basically the high life got to him. He developed a love of alcohol and some of the harder narcotics in the class-A rainbow. A recording contract was landed and an album was struck.

It wasn't bad. It wasn't exceptional but it wasn't terrible. There was a couple of catchy songs on it but the best of them was When We Reverberate. It was a UK number one for two weeks. A second album was bought.

It never came out. The band broke up due to 'creative differences', or, as Keith put it "Because the shit Avery can't do anything more than beat on the skins like a mongoloid".

Keith managed to get over his addictions but still wakes up in cold sweats almost nightly, flashbacks of hallucinations haunting him. The money from the contract trickles in occasionally and he writes a few songs here and there for a few different bands but nothing major that'll get him noticed. Mostly he lives by himself in a London flat getting by from day to day.

He's burnt out and could have been a rock God if only things had worked out a little better. He can still sing worth his salt though... his writing's not what it used to be. He's still unwilling to fully accept it though... he doesn't want to admit that it's totally over but it is. The closest thing to fame he's gotten recently was BBC 1's Christmas 'After they were famous'.

He needs something. A new gimmick.