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Sumianon is a fantasy world with a few basic premises: humans are the only civilised species, magic exists but is extremely benign, and most importantly, that the world is positively infested with mythological creatures. They are typically captured by the various competing nations and kept as weapons of war. The most famous and iconic of these is the dragonriders of Drakenwald, who act as mercenaries for the rest of the world.

The known world is thus:


Drakenwald (City of Dragons) is a city state, located just in the foothills of the Euras Mountains, guarding the mountain pass between itself and Merolav. It is lead by the Dragoons, a collective of old Dragon Riders and other assorted professionals and has it's own legal system and currency.

The Bythenian Kingdom is a large monarchy, to the east of the known world running alongside the Euras Mountains up to the barbarian lands to the north.

Merolav is a secretive country over the Euras mountains. Aside from three cities and one river, nothing is know about the country. The Merolavians refuse to teach outsiders their tongue and so their history and inner workings are a mystery to everyone. Apart from the information blockade the Merolavians are a friendly people, easily learning the other nations tongue to aid in their negotiations, so long as the discussion doesn't turn to about their home.

Marweln is a small coastal republic, with the only offshore city on the island of Trila. The vast majority of the country is a fertile floodbasin which the locals use to their advantage.

The Theocracy of Er is a highly religious country centred around the founding city of Erur and the spread of the the Erurian pantheon.

The Erurian Empire is a loose collection of states, united by an Elected Grand Emperor. Although divided by petty squabbling the Empire is the richest and most powerful nation. It also has strong ties with the Theocracy and pays a large annual tithe to it.

The Eternal Moon Empire is a extremely secretive country hidden in deep forest. Few nations have any real contact with it except the Erurian Empire.

The Barbarian north is a vast untamed wilderness from which human raiders pour out of every few years and sack the northern areas.


Magic in Drakenwald is rather subdued, there is no fireball sorcery here, instead there is only minor enchantments and blessings which can make an unbreakable sword, or make a truly lucky charm. The exception to this is healing, which with several years of training special mages can cure all sorts of wounds.


In most large cities there are large colleges dedicated to the teaching of healing magic to all who can afford it (those in Drakenwald who do not become riders often become mages), teaching them all they need to know to practise healing as well as a wide array of other chemical and medical concoctions and compounds.