Operation Son of Dracula

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Once upon a time Fuego Fish had the idea of fixing the flaws in the wiki. He called that Operation Dracula. I do not know how much this operation complete. I decided to do something about the lack of organization in the wiki. Since this is a successor to the idea of Operation Dracula, I went with an appropriate name. This is Operation Son of Dracula.


The goal of this operation is to organize the information on this wiki and to create a sense of unity through out the wiki.

The Process

Here is what I have planned.

Organize the Settings page

The Settings page exists as a central list of settings run in Trad Games. Over the years, the list of settings has grown. Most of the time people will add their setting and then they seem to forget about it. This leaves a setting ignored and forgotten. I decided its time to remove those settings that haven't been worked on in three years. The abandoned settings are now sitting in Limbo. If anyone wants to rescue their old setting, its linked on the Abandoned Settings Page.

Now that those abandoned settings were removed, I added a setting info box to most of the setting pages. I didn't add it to settings with large title graphics. The info boxes list title, creator (of setting), system, and genre.

Clean up the orphaned pages

The wiki had over one hundred orphaned pages. These are pages that are not linked to any other page. I didn't see the need for having this many pages lacking any connection to other pages. Orphaned pages exist for different reasons, but most of them didn't need to be orphaned. Instead of relying on categories for organizing pages, I made pages with links to the orphaned pages. I created Homebrews, Characters, NPCs, Glossary, Projects, 4e_Homebrew_Rules, and probably some other pages. This should make it easier to find information.

Organising the categories

Remove unneeded ones, create ones that are needed, and fix ones that need it.

Miscellaneous Organization

There are probably other issues with organization within the wiki and they will get addressed in time.