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Operation Dracula is the top-stupid codename for Fuego Fish's attempts to turn the wiki from a repository of his terrible homebrews into something decent that all of TG can use and appreciate.

Step-By-Step Process

Deleting all the old, unfinished projects people have left behind

There are at least ten, maybe more, unfinished projects on this wiki which may never, ever see completion. The original owners may be dead for all we know (or care). So these old projects need to be weeded out and scrapped in order to stop the place looking untidy.

Standardising template use across the wiki

Some pages do not use any of the templates available to make things look nice, nor do they make any of their own. This is somewhat untidy! By unifying the pages together with a standard set of templates, the wiki can be made to look more like a singular thing and not just a collection of text dumps and copy/paste.

Organising the categories

Some things aren't categorised, or they're in the wrong category, or the category itself is too small (or too all-encompassing) to be of any real use. That really needs to be sorted out.

Adding in generic gaming resources

Magic items, monsters, NPCs - this stuff can help out a lot. Why go to the trouble of figuring out the stats for a pterodactyl from scratch when someone has already done most of the legwork? Homebrew races and classes (so long as they aren't terrible) can also be added, although they're somewhat trickier.

Expanding the community aspect of the wiki

What with the forums and IRC, it's hard to validate using the wiki as a focus for the community, but it could work. Might as well try, after all.