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 Designer(s) Steve Jackson
 Publisher(s) Steve Jackson Games
 Publication Date 1986, 2004 (4th ed.)
 Genre(s) Universal
 Dice Required d6

GURPS stands for Generic Universal Role Playing System and is published by Steve Jackson games. It is currently in its fourth edition.

GURPS Settings in The Game Room

7 Suns Created because THS doesn't have FTL.

ADOM A conversion of the ADOM setting to GURPS.

Blackbird Dreaming Post Apocalyptic Survival Horror.

Halo An ongoing attempt to create a GURPS 4th setting for Halo.

Mission to Mars Humanity on the brink of TL9 and Mars colonization.

Renvin (Steampunk) A steampunk fantasy ran without a GM.

Singapore, MI A paranormal mystery setting in a western Michigan city.

Slipping into Dreamland Strange happenings at a warehouse.

Solar Conflict The solar system is on the brink of war.}}

Space Opera Mukaikubo discovered GURPS:Space and got a little crazy and started making a setting with aliens and solar systems and stuff.

Strangers in Strange Space Space opera sequel to Mission to Mars.

Warehouse 23 Doc Bubonic's Warehouse 23 setting.

Other GURPS Stuff

Introduction to GURPS character Creation