Open Plot Points in Blackbird Dreaming

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Open Plot Points in Blackbird Dreaming

(last updated 12/7/13)

Major Long-Term Goals

  • Clean the Water world wide

* Take control of a Gate

The Gate is captured

  • Find where the Pale Man came from and how to stop him

The Pale Man was almost certainly human once, the Artist called him 'an Outsider' and 'a daring dreamer' and the 'darkest yet' and 'ambitious.' Darkest ravenous yet? Yikes. He's wicked, a 'deceiver. A king needs no counsel with deaf ears.' So the Nightmare King would only listen to the Pale Man and that was part of the reason the Artist left his service.

  • Cure Cerebrosus
  • Send the worst Evils back out of the world

Major Short-Term Goals

  • Convince Odin and Anubis to call a truce

Anubis seems to be all for this; now we need to get to Odin.

  • Figure out what to do about Fenrir trapped in Alex's head

Fenrir is no longer trapped in Alex's head, Odin has freed him from bondage and he stalks the world as a free agent, as it were. Grudgingly allowed Jennifer to ride him during and shortly after the Battle of Mount Weather. Last known whereabouts were in the pocket realm known as the Meeting Place. He was released by Odin et al to hunt their enemies/ravenous. He's eaten several of the Pale Man's 'fond fellows.'

  • Retake mountain stronghold, reinforce it, make it secure

This has been done; exploration of the stronghold is nigh complete, or as complete as we're going to get. Its been handed over to the Artist for their assistance in the battle of Mount Weather/taking the gate. The remaining non-coms are at the Mount Weather base, airlifted by Wayne.

  • Figure out what to do with the remaining supernatural prisoners, find prison area control room

All remaining prisoners have been freed. The base itself has been promised to the Artist in exchange for their assistance in the assault on Mount Weather.

  • Get into armory

Thanks to Zuri, this is now accomplished.

  • Take care of Frank and his 24(?) goons

Frank turned out to be not so bad after all, just a little idealistic. The problem is Sid and those who follow him, all of whom wear red bandanas somewhere on their person as a sort of gang sign. Frank has promised to deal with Sid but so far not much has been accomplished.

  • Find/create a 'Shared Safe Place' on the other side to go when dreaming

It would appear the monastery/castle is this safe place, it even has a portal!

  • Talk to the Artist about the Shadow Court/Nightmare Court, whatever. He's an exiled general or something, will know quite a bit about its inner workings, might know what the 'deception reigns' thing means.

This has been done by Jennifer during the evacuation of the base in preparation for the Artist's sole occupation. He was indeed a general in the King's army, and left because of 'creative differences.' Jennifer assumed he meant he wasn't down with killing dreamers, but it turns out that was not the case, per se. Or not all of it. Dreamers create dreams, which the spirits need to live. But the dream the Nightmare King created with help from the Pale Man was a prison, a trap, a way to corral all dreamers together and siphon off their power for his own use. He was really pissed at whoever took his daughter(s). Gwen was the Nightmare King's daughter. One of them. There may be another. Hugin the Artist does not like, says he keeps too many secrets, hears too many things, 'steals seeds.' What's a seed? 'You (Jennifer) were a seed, once.' Does he mean... like, sperm? Dude. Who else was responsible besides the Pale Man in helping the Nightmare King with the Cerebrosus? 'Those fondest of the dark perpetuate. Ravenous.' Why the interest in Allison? 'She reaches... for glorious art.'

  • Track down the Court of Shadows and speak to Queen Mab about gaining the artifacts known as the hammer and gloves of Thor (possibly also a belt?) With these it may be possible to defeat Jormungandr (or at least drive him out of the waking world) and allow Kebechet to cleanse the waters of the world by utilizing the gate.

This was done, not without cost. Traded Harry and Gene, smith and forge, for the belt, hammer and gloves. Another issue is the prophecy that anyone who kills Jormungandr will take seven steps then die from the poison blood in his veins.

  • Find Joy. Jennifer lost her after crossing through into the Nightmare King's territory during the battle. Don't know where she disappeared to. Search around the rubble around the gate? Maybe she jumped ship... Joy has been recovered. The Artist found her in between worlds and turned her into a paintbrush. Jennifer traded an old Roman coin she found during one last sweep of the barracks before evacuating, and restored her to her current form.
  • Relocate non-combatants from Witch Mountain to Salem Moved them to Mount weather instead, installation with 3000 people, army, gate in the basement. Nice place, really. They even have fresh fruit and veg.
  • Solidify Odin's claim to rule the Norse over Hel. She has a lot of souls and a lot of power and is not what you'd call a nice person, might even be working with one of the other three. She would love to see Fenrir again but he does not seem too keen on a family reunion. She would also no doubt love to continue the war against the Egyptians, which has got to stop. Gunnar knows how to get to Hel's realm, but its not an easy trip and getting out is another matter entirely.
  • Where is Ra? He's missing, the Egyptians don't know, Athena doesn't know. Should find him; without him the other pantheons consider the Egyptians back broken, their power weakened and unable to be fully brought to bear. Thor may also be missing. Should try and find him too.
  • Drive Jormungandr back into torpor.
  • "It may be time to begin making opportune connections with... 'other' lovely neighbors as well."

Smaller, But Important Questions

  • Who were the four secret members attending the meeting in the Meeting Place, the Place Between Places?

Answer: Joy/Blue, Sobek, Athena, and Queen Mab. Joy/Blue was the blue-lipped woman, the greek sandals were Athena, the snouty shouty guy was Sobek, and the woman with the burgundy loincloth and bubbly voice and colored tatoos on her arms was Mab. Joy is keeping their participation quiet. "I told you before of danger inherent in the exposure of their actions. For all her power and position, Queen Mab still resides within reach of the Nightmare King. For all of his prowess and power, Sobek still stands among a house divided assailed by many enemies. For all her cunning and strategy, Athena is still considered long dead among those who would swiftly seek to remedy that she is not; so too does it go for all assembled in secrecy for these efforts.” A pause before she nods towards Hobbs once. “Beyond this, the power they can exert on this side of the threshold is very limited and here all the more. They cannot join your endeavor with the gate, nor the endeavors of other neighbors.”

  • What is with the List of names found in the mountain? What about the other items from the safe?

Answer: The list seems to be 'talented' individuals working for the government, or who worked on matters about neighbors. Vic, Luke, Valda, Maya's handler, Magpie, the man who herded the Original Six, Kahoru are all on the list. The number of people on the list who have been identified is larger now. List of Names

  • Is martin's Sister he says is "living in America" still alive? Last he knew she was in Baltimore

Sadly, probably not. Martin listens calmly to the descriptions, nodding on occasion. “I have fought the clowns. Sometimes, I too have the dreams.” He smirks slightly. “Peoples coming out of the ground. I think, my sister, she was taken by these things. If you go to get them, I will go.

  • Get details on the rings from the Egyptian Pantheon raid, figure out what they do (if anything)

They got valkyries inside! Gosh. Storing some of them in the armory of neat stuff we started.

  • Karen's Family? Husband was a nuke engineer, she and kids were promised a safe place. Where are they now?

Karen has been reunited with her husband and children at Mount Weather, where they were some of the several thousand refugees.

  • Matt's Dreams - he's talking to his dead Dad!? How? What do his drawings mean?
  • Who is the scary lady stealing children (Chris's sister)? She keeps coming to Matt in dreams, offering to hide him away, keep him safe.

We met Baba Yaga! Munin didn't seem to think she's the one, but she is definitely a scary lady who steals children. Possibly hags working for Queen Mab

  • What is in Roanoke? Valda wants to go there, Vic has been, said it was empty of all but infected. Something important there, military base, something?

Military base. Dean is working up a plan to see what's salvagable there that includes several Zodiac boats possibly that we can use to get to Jormungandr

  • Valda was working for the military in some capacity when we met up with her, not sure on the details. Ask her to find out, see if she's got any contacts she can call in to get us airborne.

we got airborne with a helicopter we found at the base. Wayne is a chopper pilot and flew Vic et al to Mount Weather for the assault.

  • Figure out where Arthur's body is in the waking world and free him. We have a picture of a nondescript building and think it might be in Roanoke. Arthur is the very old guy we found in a prison on the other side, one of the very early 'volunteers' from England in the 'special people' psychic research program. There were others as well he named, three others, one female. Can't remember their names at the moment. Elizabeth was one.
  • Where is Hobbs' ex-wife and daughter? Is she still alive?
  • Where is Jennifer's daughter and in-laws?

Believed to be at New Memphis TN military base with scores of other refugees that were moved there when Memphis proper fell. Jennifer has sent Valda, Wayne and Kumar there to protect them/get them out of harm's way.


  • Why are children immune to cerebrosus?
  • Who was Hugin hunting and why?
  Jennifer; for the Old Man.
  • When did all of Wayne's people die and how?
  • Sam needs counseling/intervention.
  Sam is feeling much better now that Jennifer's gone in, looked at her traces, 
  and cleared out some blockage that was remnant of an attempt to fill her einherjar spot! 
  Sam is now Jennifer's einherjar. She also took the liberty of streamlining her, 
  now she is buff and combat-ready even more. 
  • Coyote once told Jennifer that they needed to find 'the source' in order to cure cerebrosus. Where is the source? Ask the compass before its given away!
  • Something has killed black birds and left their corpses for the group to discover. What did it?

Individual Plot Points Still Unresolved


  • Jennifer had a dream within a dream and found a note in her house from a "Y", what was that all about?

Y is the same guy who apparently made the list found in the general's office of neighbors/lovelies. Vic and Luke also got a few assignments from him, but either don't know or won't say who he was.

  • Who is Dieter? What is Dieter?

Dieter is a nazi experiment of some kind to make an ubermensch. He was in one of Jennifer's valkyrie past life flashbacks. He is incredibly strong and his traces are thick and spiky.

  • What is in the bunker in her pocket?
  • Is her pocket her own that she created? If so why is it a beach with a WWII bunker on it? Does it connect with the visions of Dieter pre-WWII?

Likely not, just some abandoned pocket that Coyote stumbled across and figured would be safe enough for a beginner.

  • What is the origin of the sword Ingridr? The vision seems to indicate it was something else that was turned into/bound into the sword, with a bunch of valkyrie around it. Who would know?
  • Where does her knowledge of fighting come from? Is it just from the dream trips Coyote would take her on as a child?

Yes, also the collective valkyrie memory Munin has graced her with doesn't hurt.

  • Who was the woman in her vision of the river and the bodies at the hut? Was Dieter the bearded man?

The woman was Ingridr; the bearded man was one of her einherjar, whom we met at the monastery/castle on the dream side. His name is Gunnar.

  • Need to learn more about einherjar. Do they have free will? Can they die? What happens to them when they die?

They have free will, they can die. Usually they go to Valhalla, but where you go is heavily determined by where you believe you will go i.e. if you think you're a horrible person and you're going to hell, that's where you end up. The bond between valkyrie and einherjar is very close, and goes both ways; a valkyrie would never callously abandon an einhejar to his fate or use her as a mere pawn to be sacrificed, nor would an einherjar think about betraying his valkyrie. These bonds can last beyond the death of one or the other, as is the case with Gunnar and his mates, Ingridr's einherjar. Unfortunately, every death and revival takes a bit more of an einherjar's personality/soul/being/essence, whatever you want to call it. Some who die many times end up mere husks of their former selves mentally. This is what Valda meant when she said she thought Wayne would make a better husband than einherjar.

  • Where are Jennifer's visions coming from? Why does she sometimes see things that seem to have happened in her past, and sometimes things that happened in others' pasts (Ingridr)? Did the Pale Man see her during the vision in which he killed Ingridr? If so, what does that mean for them?

Jennifer's visions are some kind of Jungian group memory of all the valkyries; this is why she only ever sees valkyries' memories. It has been insinuated that it is a gift from Munin; no other valkyries that Valda knew of could do it

  • Why did Maya accuse Jennifer of lying about her name when they first met?

Because Valda named her Ragnhildr when she was born. Ranka for short. Yeah, no.


  • Who is the 'she' he is supposed to be protecting for Odin?
  • What is the deal with his winter wonderland?
  • Who is the 'enemy' mentioned in his dream?
  • What tried to stop/catch him the first time he went to visit Inari?
  • why does he see dead people?
  • What does it mean that Anubis has his heart?
  • What were the dreams about from his time in Iraq, when he couldn't see the driver in the HMMV?
  • Why is Anansi so interested in him? Why did he yank him away from Fenrir?
  • Why has Greg never gone to the motel?
  • What is the 'other' Jennifer discovered in his among his traces?
  • What is he, exactly? Why are his traces so strong, blood so thick? Whose descendant is he, really?
  • What was the caribou? Who was it? What was it doing there?
  • How about the bear, Timur? Why was that thing just hanging out in Greg's pocket?


  • Why is her pocket so full of life and vibrant when everyone else's is dead and deserted?
  • Why was she able to stop Fenrir in his tracks there?
  • Why is she the only one who's been able to actually consciously change her shape on this side, even in this dead zone where 'the birds don't fly?'
  • Whose descendant is she? She is a corvid. Is she Hugin/Munins one of the Badb's? Magpie's? Someone else entirely?

She is quite possibly Badb's granddaughter.

  • What other traces might she have?

Alex tends to be very well-received by spirits of all sorts, even Fenrir found her endearing. We need to take advantage of this

  • Who or what is Xi and why is he/she in her dream world?
  • Why does she feel so awful around the sink holes? Others haven't
  • why is Prof Wright appearing in her dreams? Is it really him or something/someone else?


  • Why is he immune to cerebrosus? Is he, really?

Its part of his trace. He is a descendant of THE Van Hellsing. He is some kind of supernatural drainer/leech; powers are harder to make work in his presence. This is why trying to look at his traces or even find any always ended up with nothing.

  • Who is the gas-masked man in his dream place with the oil rig? Is there a connection to Footprints, who has a connection to a gas mask?
  • Is the oil rig a dream or a vision? What does it signify? Where is it?
  • Why was he able to talk to his wife in his dream? Has anyone else except Matt talked to the dead in their dreams? Is she dead? Kumar wasn't.

Probably a one time event. She hasn't shown up since that one dream.

  • Why is the cerebrosus only manifesting in one eye?

See his trace

  • Could Hobbs be patient zero?
  • What are his traces?

He has the ability to stop others from using their traces, at least for short periods of time. It seems the closer in your family tree you are to the spirits, the less time he is able to effect you. He is the descendant of Van Helsing the Vampire hunter

  • Why does the pale man have such interest in him?
  • who is the blue-lipped woman who keeps offering him cryptic things? Is she the same as the one Rick saw?

The blue lipped woman is Joy, a very famous sentient sword. She is currently in sword form in Jennifer's possession. She was working with a group of others, we need to find out more about them!

  • what about the plane crash/lost at sea on the raft/time on the beach/ships and submarine he's dreamt about? each dream seems to continue from the one before.
  • What happened to Hobbs when he recently entered the base? (Sinus pain, dizziness, other issues)
  • Where is Hobbs' daughter Jessica. The compass confirmed that she was alive.


Allison's plot threads are sort of addressed here!

  • Can she travel to lost pockets on her own? Does her portal ability extend to the dream world? She used it there the first time to escape the motel and get into Jennifer's head
  • How does her portal ability work?
  • What are her tattoos, why are they similar to coyote's? Is she a descendant or something else? Shaman?
  • Why can she control spirits, even powerful ones like Hugin? Is it because of his ground down will? She captured Coyote as well but used his curiosity instead.
  • Why is she able to steal essence from spirits?
  • her ability to influence her surroundings in her dreams - escaped from Jennifer's pocket, avoided the bars
  • the 'special' place that Coyote took her that one time - what was it?
  • why did she show up as Kebechet in the City of the Dead, what is her connection/interest with Anubis and his Sister
  • who or what was the individual that came after her in her motel dream
  • exploding the hellipede - how?
  • changing herself inside and out of dreams - how? why?
  • her ability to identify flavors and essence from further distances
  • just what exactly did she do to the scarecrow
  • what happened with the monster trying to eat her arm
  • what was that 'prank' call about with the 'singing meat?'

Apparently Allison has worshippers. The 'song' in question is how the person manifests their traces, so to speak. Meat is just a human body.


Leave these up?

  • Who was the man with the time-share offer? What is he after? -- C.J. had the same dream and told Greg about it. Compare notes! As did Eugene!
  • What are his traces?
  • What else does his watch do? What about the flight on the piece of paper that he brought over? The straight-edge?

Eugene now has the straight edge, or one just like it

  • Find his caches, we need food
  • Who was the dark figure in the nightmare suburb in Jack's dream?
  • What is jack's connection to the crow that keeps following him around?
  • What was the significance of the pills in his dream?
  • What happened at Ticonderoga?
  • What was that nightmare in the clinic about?
  • Who decided to include the weirder things in his cache?

Eugene (updated 9/26/11)


  • Who is Grimm (the man in the green shirt) working for? Zuri says he's an intermediary, a go-between. Why did he give Gene the razor?
  • What did Grimm mean by "shoot them"?
  • How does Gene get a pocket back from the cleaners?
  • Why did Grimm keep calling him Dante?
    • Dante's Inferno? Going in to hell? Is Grimm the Devil??
      • Well, he has horns in his photo. He also looks bigger than he did in person.
  • What does a smith/reforger/composer do, and how does it work?
  • The razor. What does it do, how does it work, what did it do to the magical disappearing clown?
    • See also that diagram, the box with the squiggles.
  • The camera. Is it an artifact? How would we find out?
    • Pretty sure this is a yes. It records the true or 'proper' forms of those it captures.
    • This goes double for the Rolleiflex he found in Lafayette in the record store.
  • What does it mean that he found a BB on the ship in his dream with Joy? The last time we saw BBs was with the Pale Man.
  • What do Gene's photos show? Need developing equipment Acquired in Roanoke
    • They show what people really are. Some have aura-like emanations while others have actual physical features, like Grimm and his horns.


  • Get Phoebe and Harry together and find out what's going on inside him. This might help with others, below.
  • Develop photos, especially the roll with Grimm on it Accomplished.
    • If the photos show something interesting, take everyone's picture and see what happens
  • Find a way to cut Sekhmet's tether so she can go full-on Wargoddess and help us out

This has been done. She didn't really help us out, though. She may still be back at Witch Mountain.

  • Locate Arthur in the real world, using the toy car token planted on him earlier.
  • Figure out what he's supposed to do in five moons for Grimm. "So you're down three of your five moons; do you know what you're supposed to do by your deadline, luv?" -Zuri

He's supposed to get his pocket back from the cleaners, I think, and 'shoot them' (which it could be argued he's done, taking people's pictures). His pocket is across the threshold. A small realm of his own design (according to Joy)