Masquerade of Liberty

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"Masquerade of Liberty" is a game being run by Winson Paine to showcase the new Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies system.

About the Game


See the main Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies page

In addition, a new Cloud Island called "Fontaine" has just risen out of The Blue within the last year. It is full of resources and has sparked a land grab with all the usual political and military conflict.


Officers of the Marie-Celeste

They said she were a special ship, an her Captain had a gift. Not a gift like the gifted, though gifted she was. A gift for finding folks, foundlings, men and women who needed something, someone. Folk in search of something. Gonna tell you about them now, I guess...

  • Callie Monteverde, the gifted and mysterious Captain of the Marie Celeste; as played by Oracle!
  • Ursula, Master of Arms, the last remnant of a once proud house possessed of a quick temper and quicker blade, as played by GaistHeidegger!
  • Tiago, First Mate displaced Colronan agent with strange talents who seeks a path free of the sins of his past, as played by DiscipleOfTheClaw!
  • Jean-Pierre Marceau, Sailing Master, Crailese idealist and free trader, born to line his pockets with liberty and gold, as played by Kubrick!
  • Geist Grey, Boatswain, Ilwuzi pirate abroad looking for the keys to his lady's true heart, seeking the ultimate prize; as played by Doc Bubonic!
  • Kalervo, Master of Guns, master of war and expatriate who seeks a greater peace, a balm for his troubled spirit, as played by JoeAnglican!

Notable NPC Crew of the Marie-Celeste

  • Mr. Jones - The ship's cat. A tough old tomcat of many years.
  • Santiago - Crew chief under Mr. Grey; a bald man with a magnificent handlebar mustache.
  • "Windy" Martin - The best helmsman on board.

Cool (Aero)Nautical Lingo

Illustrated Square Rigger Teriminology

An excellent illustrated guide to ship's parts! Never confuse the foremast with the mizzenmast again! Know what a spar looks like!

Sailing Terms from Schoonerman

Basic Sailing from Wikipedia

Parts of the Marie-Celeste

  • steering wheel aft on the poop deck (aftercastle or wheelhouse)
  • Captain, mate and first class passengers (officers) were housed beneath the poop deck
  • crew bunks on the fo's'cle or forecastle
  • Aft: Toward the rear.
  • Back: The top of a ship.
  • Beam: Widest part of ship.
  • Belly: The bottom of a ship.
  • Bow: Forward part of hull.
  • Forward: Toward the front.
  • Port: Left, when facing bow of ship.
  • Starboard: Right, when facing bow of ship.
  • Stern: Aft part of hull.
  • Stubs: Ailerons.
  • Top: The furthest point of rigging away from the ship—therefore, a skyship has a back top, a belly top, a portwing top, and a starboardwing top.

Reading the Weather

  • when wind shifts against the sun, trust it not, for back it will run
  • short warning, soon past, long foretold, long last.
  • mackerel skies and mares' tails / make tall ships carry short sails