Jean-Pierre Marceau, Sailing Master

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As the youngest of five brothers, Jean-Pierre had no choice but to find his own fortune outside of his wealthy Crailese merchant family. In his youth he was sucked into the Aurelain Independence movement and became a blockade runner, couriering vital supplies and messages to the rebels through the tight net formed by the Colronan airnavy. After the war was lost, Jean-Pierre was captured and spared only by virtue of his Crailese citizenship. With all of his possessions either destroyed or confiscated, he turned to smuggling to rebuild his shattered finances.

Foible: Greed

Foible: Republican Ideals – Jean-Pierre believes in life, liberty, and property. Though rarely spoken of, his egalitarian principles put him at odds with those born into a position they did not earn.

Motivation: Good[+2] Wealth and Power

Nationality: Good[+2] Crail - All Crailese can cook a delicious meal, haggle in a marketplace, and read Kroyu glyphs.

Past: Good[+2] Smuggler

Swashbuckling Forte: Good[+2] Bourgeois Fencing - Not the carefully ordered finesse of the proper fencing, but not the all-out brawling you see in the slums either, Bourgeois Fencing is the the swordplay of the middle class. It focuses on looking good but fighting dirty. Surprise is the key word here. You could go five rounds of perfectly formal lunges and parries with a Bourgeois Fencer before he all of a sudden elbows you in the face. Other points of emphasis include unorthodox uses of your environment to put your opponent off-guard, bluffing, and intimidation.

Additional Fortes Good[+2] Navigator - Jean-Pierre is a good judge of position and direction and has learned to use all manner of voyage plotting equipment. As such he is the ship's navigator. Good[+2] Repartee - Sometimes a tongue can be sharper than a sword. Jean-Pierre says, "why not use both?" For a smuggler, being able to talk your way out of bad situation isn't just a mater of life and death, it's business.


Idiom: Flashy - Chained to Fencing (1 point)

Weapon: Rapier – Chained to Fencing (1 point)

Maneuver: Insults – Chained to Repartee (2 points)

Maneuver: Contacting – Chained to Smuggler (2 points)

Training Points: 1