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My Soul Forever Travels


Welcome, Royal Explorer. Herein lies the central repository for all reports from Abroad that have returned to the Father Kingdom. We, the Grand Expedition Council, are entrusted with the synthesis of information from abroad to be compiled into the Exploration Lexicon. We have created several guidelines for you to follow, should you decide to help us in our task.

We believe that the world is infinite - there will always be new things to discover with the passage of time, for nothing remains the same forever, save the desire to explore in the hearts of men and women like you and I. Our work will never be complete - every new generation of Explorers brings new findings, and every new finding opens the pathway deeper into the mysteries of our world. In the interests of the Father Kingdom and for the betterment of all Civilization, I would like to be the first to thank you in participating in this most sacred of tasks; to be the first to pen sights that have never been seen before.

Current Phase

The latest graduates of the All-Seeing College have proved quite formidable in their skills in cartography and penmanship - as we speak, there are people who are yet to finish their studies and step forth to join our ranks of Royal Explorers. We are currently compiling the newest information we have as we speak - as soon as we have finished this current batch of work, we shall publish our most recent findings in the All-Seeing College Encyclopedia, Generation I. Our current timeline places the completion of synthesis towards the end of this year or the beginning of the next - in either case, we have dedicated scholars working on various projects, and we hope to expect results soon.

New results are posted over the course of the week - some may be slower than others due to their demanding labor, however the Grand Expedition Council has every faith in our colleagues and their proficiency that all the work they produce will be of the finest quality.

A Note On Royal Explorers

You may find that the mannerisms of fellow Royal Explorers are a bit eccentric and have their own opinions on how documents should be formatted and what should and should not go into an entry of the Exploration Lexicon. Some may have troublesome personalities, but their skills are undeniable; we cannot simply let such talent go to waste. It is in your best interest to learn to live and work together, because we need all the help we can get.

To quote from your earlier orientation, we are currently sending people out on expeditions over land and sea to discover new places, peoples, and things, and document them all in the name of the Father Kingdom. While there are no set guidelines on submissions to the Exploration Lexicon, we ask that they at least be readable or understandable by academia, and hopefully, the common man as well. Please elaborate on things as much as you can, and work together with your fellow scholars during the synthesis of the Exploration Lexicon.

OOC: Theme and Setting Information

One sentence summary: Royal explorers in the Age of Sail / Age of Exploration era are sent out to write about the new people, and places, and things that are outside of the Father Kingdom.

World Specifics: This is a low to moderate magic world - enough that the common populace cannot comprehend / fully understand magic and powerful rituals that do things such as call meteor swarms or alter the very fabric of reality to a person's whimsy. In the past of the world, magic was naturally stronger, however with the growing presence of civilization, magic has been domesticated, and as such is in the process of retreating from the world.

Theme Specifics: This is to take a key from romanticized versions of the Age of Sail and the Age of Exploration. The primary focus on the entries is the discovery of new and exotic topics with which to write about - as magic is a factor in this particular world, fantastic sites can be created that would scratch the surfaces of imagination.

OOC: Lexicon Posting Format and Round Information

Lexicon articles must fit the following requirements:

  • 100-200 words on the subject minimum
  • Entries must be signed at the bottom with the creator's signature.
  • Round One Only: Establishes two links to pages that do not exist yet (phantom pages).
  • Round Two Onwards: Establishes two links to pages that do not exist yet, and one link to a page that already exists.
  • Round Twenty Five: Establishes one link to a page that does not exist yet, and one link to a page that already exists.
  • Round Twenty Six: Establishes one link to a page that already exists.
    • The link to a page that already exist must be a page you did not create.
    • You must accept what is cited on the existing page as factual information.
  • There cannot be more articles in a given letter than there are players (excluding System pages).

That's it! Some extra guidelines I would like to set forth are as follows:

  • Posting original artwork or images such as maps or character art will not waive the minimum word count - please provide some context for your pictures.
  • The discussion/talk pages for each page are for in-character discussion about a given article. This allows for scholars to backbite, ask for elaboration, engage in duels of wit, etc.
  • The 100-200 word minimum does not mean it is also a maximum - entries can be as long as you desire as long as it revolves around the topic you specify.
  • Please keep in mind the theme for this Lexicon game. If there are enough votes from the player base, an article may be revised or decommissioned, but never deleted (unless it is a defamatory article or an article which would otherwise violate good common sense).

Moving From Round to Round

Instead of following strict guidelines on when people can move onwards to the next round of posting entries, I am declaring open season on entry submission! Anybody can submit any number of entries and establish what links they like. Also, they can go as fast as they like for submitting entries, but people in the core group of players should post new entries at least once a week or once every two weeks.

However, there will be some rules as to when a round is considered finished and when the game is considered finished.

Round Completion Requirements

  • Number of completed articles in a given category: 6
  • Threshold number of completed articles in a given category: 9
  • Actual number of completed articles in a given category: Unlimited
    • After the threshold amount of articles has been reached, people may go back and create new articles in previous categories, but they must establish links to already existing articles when they do so. These are considered to be forked articles.

Game Completion Requirements

  • Minimum number of completed articles in all categories (A through Z): 6 per category
  • Unanimous consensus by players that the Lexicon is finished with Generation One

OOC: Technical Information

Sup dudes. When creating a new wiki page for My Soul Forever Travels, please add this to the bottom of your pages:


If you wish to create a page for your in-character Royal Explorer persona, please add this to the bottom of your page:


As you might have picked up, MSTF stands for My Soul Forever Travels, and must be prefixed for all new lexicon entries to avoid intruding on other pages on the site. If you notice that a page that should be part of the lexicon but is not, please move the page accordingly or contact a moderator to do this for you.

All articles should have the following attached to the bottom of the article:

[[Category:My Soul Forever Travels|Title of Page]]

If the article is about a person (such as a Royal Explorer or a Figure of Note), please add this to the bottom of the article instead:

[[Category:My Soul Forever Travels|Lastname, Firstname]]

Please keep in mind the Lexicon guidelines and any other special considerations when creating your page. We are looking for a turnaround time of one to two weeks per round of entries, and as the in-character dialogue suggests, we are looking to conclude the first pass of all entries from A to Z by around the end of 2008.

If you create or contribute to My Soul Forever Travels, please go to the Creators List and sign your name in addition to any specific details on what you did so you can receive proper credit for it!

We are always recruiting for this game. The more content we get the better this game gets, so don't be shy on creating multiple entries or going back to edit your own entries! Please be courteous to others and ask for permission before editing someone's entry that isn't yours - it just isn't in good sportsmanship.

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