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MARS is a d20-based roleplaying system designed by Fuego Fish, much like half of the content on this wiki.

Character Creation

Building a character in MARS is fairly simple. You pick a race and some skills, then buy your equipment.

Each skill you select opens up a selection of feats that enhance your character's innate ability to attack, talk, or whatever else. For instance, a fighter-type may concentrate heavily on Martial feats, to enhance their fighting strength.

Each racial choice also has a selection of feats, allowing you to expand and develop on your chosen race's natural abilities.

During the course of a game, the DM will hand out experience points for jobs well done. These experience points can be spent on new feats, but also on new skills. Unlocking a new skill for a character costs 2 experience points, taking a new feat in an existing skill takes only 1 experience point.

Starting characters get 100 silver coins to spend on their equipment. Equipment includes weapons, armour, adventuring gear - and also spells. All equipment can be customised to suit the character's needs or desires.