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Tairngire has been working on a conversion of the X-Com Universe to GURPS. While it resembles in the game in that the players are all members of an elite military squad that fight aliens, it uses a custom tech tree, and has it's own set of enemies.

Non-Standard Weaponry

Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl
G36 5d pi 5+1 300/2,400 7.9 12* 30+1 9 2 -4
SPAS-12 4d pi- 3 25/150 10 3~ 8+1 10 1 -5
MP/ROW rocket 3+2 rocket 20 1/7 1 10 1 -7
ERHE Rocket 5d cr/ex [1d] 3,000 7
HE Rocket 5dx2 cr/ex [2d] 2,200 7
HEAP Rocket 6dx2(10) cr/ex 2,200 10
USGLS 25mm 6d cr/exp [2d] 3+1 1,000 5.5 3~ 6 9 2 -5
Barret M82A2 17d+1(2) 4+4 2,200/7,400 30 3~ 11+1 13 5 -6

G36: Popular and reliable assault rifle manufactured by HK. Available to every XCom agent as their primary weapon.

SPAS-12: Devastating entry shotgun, issued in limited quantities to XCom agents. May replace the G36 for one or two squadmembers at their request.

Boring 1911 clone: Cheap, dependable sidearm chambered for .40 rounds. See the entry for Autopistol, .40 in the GURPS 4th book for stats.

M249: High-powered Machine Gun. Use stats for TL7 5.56mm SAW in GURPS 4th.

MP/ROW: Man-portable Recoilless Objective Weapon. Rocketlauncher capable of delivering a variety of payloads. XCom dropcraft typically have one of these in their arms locker, with 3 rockets of each type.

USGLS: United States Grenade Launcher System. Semiautomatic, drum fed grenade launcher firing 25mm minigrenades. XCom craft typically carry one or sometimes two of these weapons with 3 drums for each.

Barret M82A2: Modification to the Barret M82 anti-material and vehicle rifle to be fired from the shoulder. Fires APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot) rounds (already factored into damage). Devastating against lightly armored vehicles and slow flying aircraft, it is hoped the M82A2 will give XCom agents on the ground a chance to shoot down hovering alien craft. If present at all, this weapon will have only 1 spare clip of ammunition. Uses Guns(Rifles).


Tactical Uplink

The tactical uplink is a multipart system. It combines a compact laser rangefinger and designator with a small computer module, a radio microphone, and a floating display monocle. The monocle always shows friendlies as green triangles, and also includes range information. Hostiles must be designated (any successful attack or an Aim manuever with a suitably equipped firearm will designate the target for the remainder of that turn). Once designated, the hostile will appear as a red square on the monocle, with range information. While the Vindicator is in range, its sensors and computers are tied into the system. This allows for pinpoint strikes of designated targets, as well as passive target designation of any hostile or civilian tagged by the Vindicator's own sensor suite. Civilians appear as blue circles on the display. The system is somewhat susceptible to jamming or detection, although it uses high speed burst transmissions to minimize the risk of location by signal. A simple on-off-silent switch on the user's belt computer module allows them to "go dark" to eliminate the chance of detection. They still see all information relayed through the net, but cannot designate, and do not show up as a friendly. Switching modes is a Ready manuever and requires a free hand. The system weighs 3 lbs total, and adds 1 lb to the weight of any weapon it is attached to. It may not be attached to pistol sized or smaller weapons. A stand-alone designator weighs 1 lb.

Game effects: designated targets may be engaged without regard for cover (although they still get DR benefits from being behind something). This includes eliminating penalties for darkness and the 'blind fire' penalty. A target remains designated until the beginning of the designator's next turn, unless they engage in an active defense. Any active defense roll requires a simultaneous roll against IQ to keep the target illuminated. Failure removes the designation. Any Tactics roll made by the commander of a group with an active tactical network is at +2.

Cannon AWP

An artificially intelligent weapons platform with a big cannon on it. It's AI was very basic, but good enough that it could usually determine priority targets and would follow orders to a reasonable ability.

Cannon AWP
400 Points Machine
ST: 20 [90] IQ: 8 [-40]
DX: 15 [100] HT: 10 [0]
Secondary Attributes
HP 45 [50], Will 8 [0], Per 13 [25], FP 10 [0], Basic Speed 6.25 [0], Basic Move 6 [0], Dodge 9 [0]
Machine [25], AI [32], DR 60 (Cannot Wear Armor, -40%; Semi-Ablative, -20%) [120], Doesn't Breathe (Oxygen Combustion, -50%) [10], Enhanced Move 2 (Ground Speed 24) [40], Large Piercing Attack 8d (Armor Divisor (2), +50%; ×5 Range, +20%; Rapid Fire, RoF 3, +50%; Limited Use, Fast Reload 4/day, -10%; Acc 5, +10%) [106], Crushing Attack 8d (Rapid Fire, RoF 3, +50%; Limited Use, Fast Reload 4/day, -10%; Explosion, +50%; ×5 Range, +20%; Alternative: ×1/5) [17], Enhanced Time Sense [45], Detect (Radio) [5], Radio (Video, +40%) [14], Hyperspectral Vision [25], Unfazeable [15], Ladar (Targeting Only, -40%) [12], 3D Spatial Sense [10], Acute Vision +5 [10]
Electrical [-20], Fragile (Explosive) [-15], Maintenance (2 people; Daily) [-20], Noisy 4 [-8], Restricted Diet (Gasoline) [-20], Duty (X-Com; 15 or less; Extremely Hazardous) [-20], Social Stigma (Valuable Property) [-10], Non-Iconographic [-10], Mute [-25], No Peripheral Vision [-15], Wheeled Vehicle [-100], Automaton [-85]
Driving/TL8 (Automobile)-18 (DX+3) [12], Innate Attack (Projectile)-18 (DX+3) [8], Search-12 (Per-1) [1], Soldier/TL8-12 (IQ+4) [16]


Bioweave Armor provides 20 DR on torso, 25 DR on skull, and 10 DR on groin, arms and legs.