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I will be running mock combats with the characters in GURPS Halo Sample Characters and posting the results here to give me an idea of how relatively powerful the weapons and species are.

Test One

Situation: A lone Marine Private, separated from his unit, rounds a corner and comes out just six feet behind three Grunts- two privates and a leader in red. They don't see him, so he carefully aims his MA-5B assault rifle at the leader and opens up with everything he has...

Round zero- surprise aimed attack from Marine at Grunt Red Marine: 14 Guns/Rifle, +2 aim, -1 SM target, +3 RoF (15 shots) Recoil 2; 18 target number. Roll is a 5- 7 bullets hit. The grunt has a armor total of 3 counting his skin and uniform, and the assault rifle has damage 4d(2) pi. Rolling the damage, it comes to a massive total of 90 points- the red grunt is dead before he hits the ground as the Marine's ammo is down to 45/60. The other two grunts spin around in terror and the fight is on.

Round one- the marine has 6.0 BS as compared to the grunts' 5.25, so he keeps going. The Marine pivots around to the Grunt Minor on the left, still holding down the trigger on his assault rifle. He's still going full auto, so his target is 14-1+3=16. The roll is 11, so only 3 bullets manage to hit this grunt. The Grunt now gets to make a dodge roll, but fails it with a 13. Rolling hit location to see if anything interesting happens, the results are a 12, 14, and 6 for 3 limb shots, not so good. The rolls for damage as above are 15, 13, and 9 respectively but since they're limb shots only 5 (HP/2) goes through on each. On the upside, the grunt's firing arm and both legs are now mangled beyond belief. He rolls against HT (10) to stay awake, and fails, the grunt loses consciousness from shock. Well, the other grunt doesn't take kindly to this and fires his Needler 10 times, shrieking in that tinny language of his. His roll is 13(base)+2(RoF) for a 15 target, with effectively no recoil. The roll is 11, so 5 of the needles (ouch) stick into the poor Marine as the dodge roll is botched. Fortunately, there's a delay, so they don't quite explode... yet.

Round two- Screaming in terror, the Marine sprays at the lone remaining grunt while the needles stick into his body. The Marine, going first again, just keeps holding down the trigger while shoving the barrel at the alien. The roll is now against 14(base)-1(SM)+3(RoF)-3(panic) for a total of 13 target and 2 recoil; the roll is 8, so again 3 bullets hit. The grunt rolls a 14, and can't get out of the way. Hit locations: Left leg, right leg, torso. The damage rolls are very good- 14,15, and 17 respectively. The first two are reduced to 5 HP, and turn the grunt into a lifelong paraplegic. The second blows right into the grunts guts, though, taking him to -17 HP. The grunt rolls to stay stay alive against HT- 6, and he'll live, but his next roll to stay awake is an 11 and the grunt passes out, bleeding peacefully. Unfortunately, now the needles explode. There's five of them, dealing 3d-2 damage each with a DR of 4, while the armor has a total DR of 10 (let's assume he's just that hardcore and is wearing the heavy suit). The damage rolls come to 6,4,8,10,and 2 for a total of 30 damage, taking the marine to -19 HP. He rolls against an HT of 11 to survive: 10. Woo. He rolls against HT again to see if he stays awake; 8. He has time to pull out a first aid kit and stabilize himself, while the grunts bleed out.

Results: All Covenant forces down, UNSC soldier badly wounded.

Test Two

Situation: This time, the Marines sent off a detachment of 2 marines (Marine A: Shotgun, Marine B: Assault Rifle) and a sergeant (Pistol/Shotgun) to hold a corridor. Sure enough, a Covie recon party of a jackal (D) and two grunts (E,F) all armed with plasma pistols. All three humans have partial cover (legs and groin) and sighted the enemies at 20 yards. The jackal had time to snap on his shield and cover his body (except for left arm/hand) before firing broke out.

Round One The Sergeant aims his pistol at the Jackal's exposed arm, while Marine A readies a frag grenade and C sprays at the jackal randomly with assault rifle fire on full. Target is Base (14) + 4 (RoF: 15 shots) - 6(range) for 12 with Rcl 2. The roll is 11, so one shot gets through. The Jackal attempts to dodge, and rolls a 10- just can't. The hit location is right on the torso, but splashes off the shield dealing it 12 damage. It's at 188/200.

Jackal D begins charging his plasma pistol (Ready maneuver) while E and F waddle forward 5 yards.

Round Two The Sergeant, having taken his aim, pops off three shots. 13 (Base) + 6 (Acc) - 6 Range - 2 (aim at: Left arm) for a target of 11 and no recoil. The roll is 12, missing by one, so one round splashes off the shield taking it to 171/200. The marine C adjusts his aim to grunt E and aims, while A waits a turn letting the fuse burn one of its turns down.

The Jackal unloads a SUPAA BLASTO at the sergeant's torso- Target is 15 (base) - 6 (range) for 9. The roll is 10- the sergeant smells ozone as the huge ball of plasma flies over his head. Grunt E sprays his plasma pistol at C when he sees him adjusting the aim, while F keeps waddling forward (now at 10 yds). For E, target is 13 (base) - 5 (range) + 3 (RoF: 10 shots) for a target of 11 and 2 recoil. The roll is 16 and the little guy spews plasma everywhere.

Round Three Sensing trouble, the Sergeant resights his pistol on F, taking an Aim maneuver. Marine A chucks his grenade at the jackal- 20 yards is inside his maximum range, so no bother. His target is 13- he rolls a 14, as the grenade plops down a yard in front of the surprised jackal. It explodes, dealing 57 damage, but since shields suffer 3x from explosions it just takes the shield out without scratching the jackal. The jackal looks very surprised, again. Marine C, enjoying the field of fire he has at E, opens up at full automatic. 14 + 4 (RoF) - 5 Range) -1 (SM) gives a target of 12 and Rcl 2, the roll is 8, as a triple tap hits elite E in the chest. The bullets take the grunt to -28 HP, and miraculously just passes out instead of dying. Either way, he's out of it.

The Jackal is irritated at the loss of his shield, and unloads his pistol at the torso of the marine A who took it from him at full RoF of 10., A. 15-6+3 for a target of 12/2 rcl, and the roll is 6, so no less than 4 of the charged bolts splash onto the Marine's chest armor. Marine Armor is 10, the PP DR is 2. The damage rolls are 10,11,11,8, taking the marine down to -29 HP. He fails his HT roll and drops to the ground, dead. Grunt F takes out a plasma grenade and Readies it.

Round Four Seeing the bright blue glow of a plasma grenade start up in the grunt's hands, the sergeant opens fire three times. 13+6-4-1 yields a target of 14 with Rcl 2; the roll is 13, so only one shot hits the squealy thing. The DR on the pistol pretty much negates all the grunt's armor, dealing 14 damage to the little critter. Much to its delight, the grunt doesn't pass out with a lit plasma grenade. Seeing the bright glow of opportunity, Marine C sprays his assault rifle at the jackal more or less randomly while the shield's still down. 14 + 4 - 6 means a target of 12, the roll is 10, for two bullets hitting. One of the bullet hits something vital, apparently, as the jackal slumps to the ground, probably dead. The rather shell shocked grunt loosely lets fly with the plasma grenade at the sergeant- target is 8, 12 (base) -4 (shock). Roll is 6, and that poor sergeant can barely see for the sudden blue radiation. Immediately after getting the grenade off, the blood loss causes the grunt to pass out. Shocked, the sergeant and marine have time to look at each other before running in terror in opposite directions- Then the grenade goes off. The sergeant is largely reduced to bloody red ruin, and the shockwave hurls the last remaining marine against a bulkhead for 6 damage.

Result: All Covenant forces eliminated, two UNSC soldiers down, one lightly wounded.

Test Three

Situation: It's a very bad day for three Marines when, while moving up inside the Truth and Reconciliation, a door opens 5 yards away and out peers an Elite. Marines A and B have assault rifles, C a shotgun.

A very bad day.

Round One The Elite catches sight of the humans and roars while charging at the middle marine (B) and firing his weapon at full RoF at the left marine (A). His roll is at 17 (Base) + 1 (RoF: 6 shots) - 4 (Bulk/Move+Attack penalty) = 14 target, 2 rcl. Roll is a 14 dead on, and the Marine fails dodge, so one shot gets through. PRifle DR is 2, and the Marine's light armor is worth 6, so the damage roll is 18, taking Marine A to -7 HP. The marine manages to pass his roll, so he's just in shock. He's also now right near all three marines.

Marine A opens fire, at full RoF despite the large plasma burn covering his torso. 14 -4 shock +1 SM +3 RoF is a 14 to hit and 2 rcl. The roll is 11- two bullets hit as the Elite doesn't even deign to dodge. The bullets ping off the shields, taking them to 91/100 strength. Marine B also opens up, with a nifty 18 to hit since he's not shocky. The roll is just 13 though, so 3 bullets hit. Again the Elite ignores the pesky things , but his shields start to show wear and tear as they're down to 71%. Marine C hoses down the elite from behind with the shotgun, firing twice. His roll is 13 Base + 1 SM + 5 RoF for a 19 target with recoil 2. The roll is 14, with a solid hit, but the Elite nimbly dodges out of the way.

Round Two Ignoring the shocky Marine, the Elite swings his plasma rifle at Marine B's head, trying to knock him out for the count with a single smack. Using Brawling roll, roll is 16 (base) -5 (face) for a target of 11- The roll JUST hits with an 11, but it's barely nicking him for 5 damage, taking marine B to 6/11 HP and shocking him. Marines A and B both keep firing their weapons for a target of 14- A rolls 13 and B 12, respectively, so 1 bullet each pings off the elite's shields which are now at 59%. C continues merrily blasting away with his shotgun, rolling against 19 again; This time the roll is an 8! It doesn't matter though, because the Elite again leaps out of the path of fire.

Round Three Finally becoming irritated with having to dodge the shotgun blasts, the Elite uses his rifle like a gun and tries to put Marine C out of action with a spray of plasma. He rolls against an 18 with 2 recoil and gets a 9, so 5 plasma bursts hit; A ridiculous 101 damage is dealt against poor Marine C. His corpse is more dispersed ash than flesh. Marine A screams "WRYYYYYYYYY" and keeps pointing his muzzle at the elite while holding down the trigger, and his roll is against 14 again. He rolls a 7, for a pretty good 4 bullet hits, but the canny Elite gets out of the way again... directly into the field of fire of B, who hits with a single bullet. Shields to 53%.

Round Four Roaring in triumph, the Elite pivots in place and hoses down A with plasma fire just like he did to C. Again, 5 shots hit the Marine- "Only" 81 damage gets dealt to Marine A, who is dead, but leaves a recognizable corpse. B does the only thing he knows how to do- hold down the trigger until his ammo is depleted. 3 bullets hit, as the Elite finally screws a dodge roll up, and his shields are down to 31% and he begins to get upset at how much he's taking from these insects.

Round Five The Elite attempts to snatch the assault rifle out of the terrified Marine's hands, who can barely see due to the blood leaking into his eyes from the smash seconds earlier. The grabbing roll is against 11, and the elite rolls a 6; The Marine tries to rip it out of the burly Elite's way, but due to the shock can't quite manage it, and the elite grabs the barrel of the depleted assault rifle screaming in the marine's face in his squidhead gibberish. The Marine does the only thing he can think of, under the circumstances- move in closer and grapple the elite! Unfortunately, he fails.

Round Six The Elite attempts to rip the assault rifle out of the human's hands, a quick contest of skill. The Elite rolls a 6 against 17 st versus 13 against an 11 st- the Elite takes the assault rifle with his free hand and discards it. The Marine staggers from the force and runs away, moving 6 yards.

Round Seven Screaming again in irritation, the Elite runs at the Marine and attempts to bodyslam him into the ground- a Move and Attack against 16 (Brawling). The roll is 9, a hit, and the Marine fails his dodge thanks again to the shock. The Marine takes 1d-1 damage (5- to 1/11 HP) and the Elite 1d-2 (4- shields at 27%) and the Marine falls over. The Marine staggers to his face, spitting blood at the Elite.

Round Eight The Elite snarls and grabs the Marine's throat with both massive paws. He rolls an 11 against DX of 15(-5/2 for neck), and the Marine rolls a 15 on his dodge attempt. The Marine is caught by the neck, and struggles to break free- And fails the strength contest with a roll of 11 (ST 11) against 7 (ST 17).

Round Nine The Elite attempts to strangle with a contest of his ST-4 (13) against the Marine's ST (11 (-4 shock)). The Elite rolls a CRITICAL SUCCESS (4) and the Marine a 10. On the critical hit table, a 15 is rolled- maximum normal damage, which is swing/crushing damage times 1.5, for 25 damage on the neck taking the marine to -23 HP. He rolls a 13 on his HT roll to stay alive- the marine's neck makes a loudly audible *SNAP* as it breaks in the Elite's hands and the Marine slumps bonelessly to the deck.

Result: All UNSC forces deceased. No damage to the Elite, whose shields quickly recharge in another four seconds.