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Since the EABA Dark Millennium source book is mostly flavor, it was a very easy conversion. In fact most of the things discussed had GURPS Parallels already. Status and Clerical Investment handle being a member of the nobility and clergy in a very clean fashion. The main thing I needed to convert were templates for the various forms of undead (which I've done) as well as for the Fallen (which I've not done yet). I'll post those templates at a later date, but they are largely based on the GURPS Fantasy Meta-traits for Undead.


Dark Millennium Undead

16 Points

Advantages: Injury Tolerance (Unliving, No Blood) [25], Doesn't Sleep [20], Immunity (Metabolic Hazards) [30], Reduced Consumption (3) [6], High Pain Threshold [10], Temperature Tolerance [10], Unaging [15], Doesn't Breathe [20], Very Fit [15]
Disadvantages: Unhealing [-30], Uncontrollable Appetite (Sometimes) [-10], Bloodlust [-10], Dread (Sunlight) [-30], Supernatural Features (Pallor, No Body Heat) [-15], Vulnerability (Holiness, x3, Very Rare) [-15], Duty (Forces of Evil) [-15]

Features: Sterile

This meta-trait is the one shared by all the undead. As I said, it's based largely on the intact-undead meta-trait from GURPS Fantasy, but I added a few things.