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The World of Zenith

One thousand years ago there was a great cataclysm that would later be known as the Dawning. The sun, unsatisfied at being subservient to the earth, stopped moving for her and took what it felt was its rightful place at the top of the world. Day and night ceased to exist, with half the world bathed in unending sunlight and the other half plunged into unrelenting darkness.

The ancient gods, who had given life to the sun in the days of creation, rose to fight this usurper, to cast him from his new throne. Effortlessly, the sun slew them all as they challenged him, casting their remains into the darkness of the void. A few of the surviving gods even met together in secret, in the eternal midnight created by the Sun's rebellion, to create a new sun that would be able to defeat the old. They turned every last bit of themselves into their new creation, sacrificing themselves and their worshippers in the process. For reasons still unknown, the process failed, and all they managed to create was a gleaming silver ball, the moon Akupya. The faces of the ancient gods can still be seen from time to time, reflected in the Smoking Mirror.

The gods, now destroyed or cast out, no longer were able to grant power to their followers, and though many people had died in the war, many more would die in the aftermath. Those in the lands of Sunlight found themselves unable to maintain the crops they once grew, starved to death by the thousands. In the lands now known as the Midnight, people simply froze to death in the unending night.

-An Excerpt from Legends of the Ancient Pagans Concerning the History of the Dayfather and the War In Heaven by Honosur of Rhoshina, transcribed by the Inquisitor Valdez during the Rhoshina Inquisition

Zenith is a fantasy world recovering from a tremendous catyclysm known as the Dawning an event that eradicated the existing civilizations of men, killed much of the life on the planet, and gave rise to many strange beings and happenings. Though the world has mostly stabilized, the mysteries surrounding the Dawning continue to linger in the minds of those who dare to question the word of the sun-worshipping Pater Dios and some have begun to wonder if an even more terrible calamity may be waiting in the shadows.

Zenith uses the GURPS rule set from Jackson Games. The ruleset offers benefits and drawbacks to the campain setting, the chief benefit being the incredible complexity of the rules allows for complete freedom when designing systems. A FUDGE conversion is planned for the distant future.