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Zenith Index

The Strangeblooded are Blooded humans who have in their bloodline a spirit associated with nature, the raw forces of the universe, or other, indeterminate origins. The individual human may or may not exhibit and of these characteristics in their own personality, however.


Strngeblooded +23pts

Attributes: +1 Will [+5]

Advantages: Wild Talent (Focused: Magic only, must pick from domains listed below, Retention) [+21]

Disadvantages: Magic Susceptibility (1) [-3]


  • Using this template allows a player access to one exotic of supernatural advantage or disadvantage, which must be approved by the GM.
  • Blooded Characters have 10% of their total character points that may be spent on blooded charactaristics, either spells or supernatural/exotic advantages/disadvantages. Disadvantages taken this way may not have an equalized cost greater than this 10% limit. They do not increase the limit.

Magical Domains of the Strangeblooded: Air, Animal, Body Control, Earth, Fire, Food, Plant, Water, Weather