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Solar Magic Spell List

New Spells

Modified Spells

Recover Energy

The only difference between my version of this spell and the one in GURPS Magic is that mine is useful at ranks below 15. In my version you may cast this spell as normal for 0FP anytime you are in a place where you may stop and rest for at least 30 minutes with no distractions. Success grants you the effects of the spell for the duration of your concentration as though you were using the spell at rank 15. If the roll fails or you are disturbed during the concentration, you lose 1FP.

At rank 15 you may perform the same casting maneuver to use the spell as though you were casting it at rank 20, or you may use the spell automatically without risk at rank 15.

At rank 20 the spell is active anytime the player declares it to be so and is in a situation where they could otherwise rest normally.