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The Invoker calls upon the latent energies of the cosmos and forces them to do his bidding. He does this through the use of complicated magic rituals, often involving reagents. The rituals themselves are often sympathetic in nature, that is to say that they often closely parallel the intended result. For example, a ritual to throw a fireball may require the mage to ignite a ball of tar and flick it towards his target (or a sympathetic facsimile.)


Invoker Template (Academy Trained)[+25pts]

Advantages:Magery 1 [+15], Literacy (Native) [+0]

Primary Skills: Ritual Magic (H) IQ (Invocation) [+8], Thaumatology (VH) IQ-1 [+2]

Spell Domains: Enchantment, Fire, Food, Gate, Illusion and Creation, Knowledge, Light and Darkness, Making and Breaking, Necromantic, Sound, Water, Weather