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The Highwaymen

Before the Dawning, the Wizards of the world were connected through a sprawl of stone brick roads: the Highways. The Wizards had built them in the days of old to help communication between Universities. The messengers of the universities almost flew across the cobbles. The messengers had nothing to fear, for they were guarded.

The Highwaymen protected them.

The elite of the elite, trained in the mysteries of Magic, the Highwaymen patrolled the roads, hunting down any briganders and unmasking smugglers. The Highway was lined with the graves of criminals, struck down by the traditional shortswords wielded by all Highwaymen.

But then the Dawning came. Storms larger than any before known blew across the world, and the earth quaked as God-Blood was spilled. The Highway was shattered, the cities that made up its nexus blown away, the very stones themselves uprooted and moved.

The Wizards were in uproar. Desperately seeking to understand what was happening, hoping to reverse the disaster, the Wizards clamoured for messengers to carry their information. Every small tidbit of discovery needed to be shared, dissimited to each member.

The Highwaymen volunteered.

Their ancient duty was no more. What they had strived to safeguard for so many years had been wiped away. For the first time in all of mortal memory, the Highwaymen abandoned their posts. The stone roads they had born, trained, married, patrolled, and finally died upon, the Highwaymen left empty.

They made their ways to the few cities that hadn't been blasted away from the initial assault of the whirlwinds. Across the world, Highwaymen gathered in these cities, and on a day that would be spoken of with reverent whispers lest the Silverfist overhear, the Highwaymen became the soldiers of the Wizards in their war against the Sun.

Slowly, almost all of the great Universities fell or were abandoned, save what was to become the University of Zenith and the smaller universities of the Greater Lands. The Wizards accepted the Suns new position, converting before the Pater Dios. Still, the Highwaymen went about their new duty, carrying the letters from Zenith to the research outpost in the Greater Lands and the Gloaming, even the edges of the Midnight itself.