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Evokers draw energy from themselves (and sometimes others) to fuel their spells. This is done through the use of glyphs, special symbols that have been found to have an affect of living beings. The mechanism for this is not understood, and debate has raged on the topic for generations, however, the power of the glyphs is undeniable.

For an Evocation spell to work the mage must have a way of drawing a glyph in such a way that a living being (of any type) is able to perceive it, sometimes the target of the spell must be able to perceive the glyph, other times it can be anything that percieves it, from the caster to a nearby tree. The actual construction of a glyph costs no energy from the caster, it is when the glyph is triggered, usually on perception, that the energy from the caster is drained. In this way more than one careless mage has found himself passing out from the strain of multiple glyphs being unexpectedly triggered at once.


Evoker Template (Academy Trained)[+25pts]

Advantages:Magery 1 [+15], Literacy (Native) [+0]

Primary Skills: Symbol Drawing (H) IQ (Invocation) [+8], Thaumatology (VH) IQ-1 [+2]

Spell Domains: Air, Earth, Animal, Body Control, Communication and Empathy, Knowledge, Healing, Meta-Spells, Mind-Control, Movement, Plant, Protection and Warning