Zenith:Cosmological Terms

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A day is 24 hours long, with one hour reserved for the aurora. The new day begins with the passing of the aurora.

A week is five days, and marked by the time it takes for the moon to complete a full circular transit around the sun, from the perspective of an observer at Zenith.

A month is five weeks, 25-days. The months are marked by the inclination of the moon in the sky, from the perspective of an observer at Zenith. During the middle months, the moon passes below the horizon, only to rise again in the later months.

The year is exactly 300 days, and the new year is marked by a full week long solar eclipse over Zenith. The height of the eclipse takes place during the final aurora of the year.

This calander is not widely used outside of the Greater Lands, and only in the higher latitudes of the Lesser Lands is the solar eclipse even partial.