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Vindicari Grim, aka ONLY HE, was a character played by Linux Assassin in a WH40K game who lasted a tragically short time. On the first page, he described in vivid detail a vision from the powers of Chaos which - of course - got him executed for heresy. The key line "ONLY HE, VINDICARI GRIM!" has become a catchphrase when referring to characters with an overdeveloped senses of self-importance.


Vindicari Grim

1 - background Vindicari has an interesting background for a navigator; a carrier struck by exceptional performance, and plagued by black marks. During his first post on a guard ship Vindicari first impressed the captain by making a trip that would normally take 10 jumps in a mere 5, then after being asked to make a jump near the eye of terror; Vindicari flat out accused the guardsman captain of being both stupid and chaos corrupt. He escaped that with only a few broken bones, as a navigator would be required to get the ship home; and avoided court-marshal through the family's influence. However during his carrier the family has had to bail him out time and again, and unfortunately he's out of chances. Now almost 90 years old, but likely to live another 300 Vindicari will have to find other work for himself.

His record so dotted with poor history, and officially recording him as having 'personality problems unfit for anyone serving the imperium of man' Vindicari could not find work aboard an imperium vessel even if he wanted to. However, to the Tacticus he has joined, personality problems are entirely secondary to his impressive ability to traverse warpspace effectively. Doubly so when getting there faster could mean a significant difference in the money garnered.

Better still to the Tacticus, like any navigator Vindicary is a powerful mutant psyker, and has few compulsions against using his powers to further his own ends or that of the ship, catching a lie, or detecting a trap on more then one occasion has more then earned a place at the table when it comes to negotiations.

2- ship position Aboard the ship Vindicari really performs precious few; but very important functions. First and foremost, he is the ships navigator; responsible for steering the ship once they enter the warp, keeping it on course; and avoiding exposing the crew the myriad of terrors that are present there.

Secondly, when it comes time to speak with others, negotiate a contract, or sell goods Vindicari is normally close by, keeping his third eye and face hidden behind a helmet with a smoked faceplate he carefully listens to now only the conversation at hand, but the subtle language of the minds behind it- informing the captain of anything extremely prudent immediately --say perhaps the contract being a trap to loot the vessel--, and otherwise updating him later so that he can better asjust his position when requesting payment.

Finally Vindicari has developed a strange, and unhealthy, interest in all things alien. He has not gone and done anything heretical like made use of alien technology, or foul sorcery. However, when the ship encounters anything unusual that they'd like more information on Vindicari is the one who will be called upon to examine it, and come to a sugestion as to what to do with it. On one occasion which has made all of his near-heretical study worthwile, he correctly identified a piece of necron technology as being related to the Omnissiah and suggested that the techpriests of mars would offer a hefty fee for bringing it along, and that it was in fact safe to transport.

3- quarters

Vindicari's quarters are perhaps the largest on the ship with the exception of the captains, but are also consumed by a great deal of things that he uses for the ship. At any time a huge stack of data-disks will be scattered around the simple, but large desk covering whatever he was researching most recently. Dozens of paper books filled with handwritten notes in assorted stages of being copied to data-disk sit around as well. Other then the desk, and several bookshelves crammed to the brim with data disks, he has a bed which is normally kept in neat order, the bed is unique in that it he been poked and prodded over to a very high extent, mountained with extremely comfortable blankets and fine sheets with a high thread count. The cushion carefully selected from advanced foams to have the perfect hardness for Vindicari.

He has the curious addition of an 'entertainment device' and can often be found spending some of his free time playing inside the things virtual world. (I just don't picture many people in the warhammer 40k world kicking back with whatever the current incarnation of the wii is; Vindicari does however)

Set aside in one corner of the room is a simple wooden chair surrounded by crystals. Here for at least an hour a day Vindicari will sit, and focus his abilities staring deep into the warp watching the ray of hope, and assuring that his abilities are in top shape for when he must navigate the ship though similar circumstance. An identical chair with identical crystals sits in the navigation room for him.

His bathroom is lavishly filled with a myriad of equipment, scented soaps, lotions, balms and otherwise- it becomes most painfully obvious here that Vindicari is a man very concerned about his own pleasure.

Vindicari's vision

Linux Assassin posted:
Vindicari floats in empty space, all around him is naught but chaos- it is as if he is in the warp; but he can see that he is still in normal space; this can only be one section of space; the eye of terror. His heart pounds; no navigator is meant to be here- there resistance to chaos is high; but so much of it would surely destroy him as soon as it would corrupt him. His personal demons taunt him, voices from nowhere.

"Do not fret Viondicari- for you are blessed by the gods, they offer you a world of your own; simply will it- and it is yours for the taking."

Vindicari calms, the voices have never lied to him; and they rarely speak outside of his dreams. He has not somehow appeared in the eye of terror; he is dreaming. His heart still stays elevated however, because when chaos is involved; even dreams can be dangerous- still there offers are tempting, of course they are. Who would turn down a world for themselves "And what cost would I pay for my own world?"

"No cost Vindicari, you need simply come to the eye and claim it- it will be yours upon your arrival; we have never lied to you Vindicari, you can trust us."

He scoffed "Lied you have not; this is true- but trust. Nay. There is no trusting those who seek to corrupt even by there own admission."

The voices laugh, the dyscordian tones around him echo through his dreamscape. "You are wise Vindicari grim; this is why the gods offer you such- you will be a great addition to the foces of chaos."

Do they admit that honestly, or do they seduce him with words. He does not know- but the words cut deep; his ego is perhaps his biggest target; Vindicari knows this, but he can't help but feel bolstered by the voices. "Have the gods give me something else, something smaller, but something that I don't need to go to the eye for. A sign of good faith." Vindicari grins; surely this will work out to his favor.

"You would barter with the gods Vindicari. Perhaps they will listen, what do you wish from them?"

Vindicari thought, smiling- yes, this could work in his favor. He could barter with the forces of chaos; get the knowledge he needed; he simply had to ask for something that would only benefit him, and not further bring him to chaos "Have them give me, more knoledge of sorcery."

His third eye opens up to the warp, and knowledge pours in... The voices laugh, too late he realizes; he has asked for exactly what they wanted, they knew he would not accept a world, not yet. Yet; what they want is what he wants- they are so in sync.

"Tell me demons, are you my own will's creation, or are you dancing to the will of another?"

Only silence answers him

"Answer me!"

and wakeness comes.

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Bloodnose posted:
Once Vindicari has made his way clear enough of the colony to avoid being terrorized by vagrants, the Navigator settles in for his rituals. Taking a seat on the fallow dirt of the planet's useless farmland, Vindicari draws a star of chaos into the ground with a stick, the pointed arrows being filled with his ritual salt as he speaks the ancient Gothic words sacred to so many Chaos cultists around the Galaxy.

The well-dressed Navigator, smelling of the finest lavender, enters a meditative state as he prepares to call forth random objects from the Warp for his own amusement. He writhes with the power of Chaos, dulling his real senses as he peers into the Maw of Chaos, searching for a weapon.

But as he does, a tremendous distraction pulls him back into reality, the roar of a colossal starship engine as it drifts down from the skies to hover just above his ritual space, the downward force from its jets blowing away his Star of Chaos from the dirt.

"ULYSYS HAIL!" a tremendous voice from the crescent-shaped starship booms as the vehicle banks around, offering its port side to the Navigator, "ULYSYS HAIL!" It repeats the name again, a name all too familiar to Vindicari Grim, his real name, "ULYSYS HAIL, BY ORDER OF THE PATERNOVA OF THE NAVIS NOBILITAE, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST," a hatch begins to open on the port side of the crescent starship, revealing six colossal men, armored in the finest Ceramite in the Galaxy, gleaming like silver even in the night, "YOU HAVE TAINTED THE NAVIS NOBILITAE WITH YOUR LIES AND HERESY FOR TOO LONG," the voice continues as the six men, obviously Space Marines, dive from the open hatch, the first of their number immediately tackling Ulysys to the ground, the runes on his grey armor glowing as it nears the taint of Chaos, "If I had my way, heretic, you would burn right here and now for your crimes," a deep voice, patched through from the Knight's helmet whispers as low as it can as the armored man crushes the Navigator, "But the Novator has demanded you be brought in alive to stand trial," the massive Grey Knight pulls the Navigator from the ground effortlessly, after which two more of the men grab him by his finely-clothed arms, hauling him toward the now-landed starship,

"Just be glad this is a Navis Nobilitae issue and not an Inquisitorial one, heretic," the knight on his left arm says,

"You are a lucky one, lavender-boy," the other says, followed by a cruel chuckle. The Grey Knights haul him into the ship, any resistance against the Inquisitorial Space Marines is useless. A feeling of hopelessness washes over Ulysys as the hatch closes, sealing both the ship and his fate forever.

Vindicari Grim and Linux Assassin are out for heresy. A real update is coming later tonight. Feel free to resume your excellent banter.

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Linux Assassin posted:
What, serious? Well hot damn did I screw up.

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