The Great Stalemate

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The Great Stalemate


First there was the Titans. They were vast, raging elemental forces controlled by their aspects and avatars. They created the Gods to be their playthings and like all children they rapidly got bored of their toys and discarded them. Aeons later the toys woke up and looked around. They saw they had been discarded and rose up against their former masters. They had gained an understanding of themselves and the worlds around them. They fought the war against their parents in the Overworld, in the underworld and in our world. The Gods went on to create their own children. They gave them life and thought and awareness of the world. They created humankind. They divided the sky and the ground, the earth and the sea and the night from the day.

Then the Titans escaped from their prison of Tartarus. They waged war on their children. A war across the Underworld, the Overworld and our World. It lasted countless years and, only in its final, furious throws, did it break into our world and shatter what we once knew. The world that the Gods once made was warped, wrought asunder and left. The Gods, in their infinite wisdom, created soldiers to fight in this war. The Scions. Heroes, Demigods and Gods unto themselves. They shared the characteristics of their divine parents and the characteristics of their human parents.

The world was shattered during the war. There was nothing subtle about it - the weapons were designed to bludgeon and crush into submission and neither side was playing clean. The Underworld was shattered and the dead walk upon the World now. The Overworld was shattered and brought to its knees, the Atzlánti and Atlanteans were wiped out in their entirety but the Titans were beaten into submission.

The World lies changed, covered in relics of the war - spires, onyx guardians, Titan monuments, broken cities, fields of the Risen, towers of Oracle and The Scions.



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