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C-Chan Media

C-Chan is comprised of dozens of television stations, a similar number of radio stations, and hundreds of websites targeted at the different populations in the city. Once famously described by a nobel laureate as “A Postmodern Crisis,” and by millions of citizens of The City as must-see, read, or listen programming, C-Chan is the cultural voice of The City. It is the conventional wisdom for the City. It is the provider of current events in the city. It is the provider of entertainment for the city. C-Chan IS THE main stream media, filtered differently for all the different people in the city.

Gumshoe, LLC

Insistent on being called a Corporation and not a Security Force, Gumshoe represents the best of the intelligence world, from detectives to intelligence officers.

Equal parts private detective and spy, Gumshoe Operatives are known for finding answers no matter what the cost and selling those answers to whoever pays them. Some call them White-hat Fixers, and there’s no denying that the job descriptions do overlap.

Gumshoe operatives pride themselves on their investigative abilities, and though they have a tactical division, they have been known to hire Shield&Hammer for support on “heavier” jobs.

Along with Shield&Hammer, Gumshoe is one of the two main Police Services in the city. Unlike Shield&Hammer, Gumshoe employs normal humans alongside supernaturals, the viewpoint being that talents and skills are just as important as natural and supernatural ability.


A Chinese corporation that embodies the ideals of Chairman Mao by specializing in the production of weapons that are extremely sadistic and just as effective.


The Premier Security Force in the world, Shield & Hammer provides a brand of Security for those that feel that the best response IS force. Shield&Hammer has a strict supernaturals only hiring policy for active operatives, and after training the result is one of the most potent tactical fighting forces in the world.

Every Shield & Hammer operative is a skilled police officer, and many could work for Gumshoe if they chose. Generally, there’s a reason that they’re not, and it’s because they’re the type to shoot first and put the pieces together afterwards. Even if they were the ones that broke the thing in the first place.


The largest Corporation in South America, and one of the 15 biggest corporations in the world. Like all MegaCorps, they have their hand in everything, and have hundreds, if not thousands of subsidiaries.

Verdant Helix

Your current employer. Ms. Kuelabre is their CEO. Zak is your contact. Their logo is a green double helix winding around a figure, a well-built, bearded man attempting to hold the helix up from collapsing inward, his head shrouded in a halo of flames. The company’s mission statement says that they specialize in environmentally and ecologically responsible genetic research. You have very little idea what this actually means.



Those beings in the city that embody some quality or aspect traditionally proscribed to Pantheonic gods, or claim some connection to the same. African, Greek, Roman, Norse, Aztec, Japanese, Hindu, etc. This qualification does not include Angelic or Demonic beings, and is generally considered somewhat offensive by the Godlings themselves.

Red Hook Killer

A Serial Killer that made their first killing in Red Hook, Brooklyn, in City Center. A shapeshifter was found in a storage container, killed in a way that C-Chan has dubbed “opening.” The shifter was found with deep slashes from collarbone to collarbone, and down the center of his ribcage, forming a T. The loosened ribcage was then pried open.

Gumshoe and S&H have kept the details of the subsequent killings out of the news, save for the fact that all the victims have been killed the same way, and they have all been paranormals.


City Center

Stretching from Connecticut through lower Pennsylvania, City Center is the corporate hub of the city, and where its richest citizens make their homes. It is a shining metropolis, a reminder of the wealth that the City creates. Security is higher in City Center than anywhere else in the City, and automobiles, once they enter it, are assisted by the City Center’s Transit network. Effectively, this means that inside city center, all vehicles are on autopilot. Disengaging from the transit network is strongly discouraged.

Port Ballmer

Formerly parts of Baltimore, Maryland. Port Ballmer is a mix of dilapidated industrial districts and run down row houses for the people that used to work them.

Port Ballmer has also, in recent times, become one of the main Vampire neighborhoods in The City. While every being is technically equal within the city, Vampires, due to various aspects of their nature, are looked at more suspiciously than most. Other people, especially regular humans, tend to steer clear, even though most Vampires are content to live off synthetic and/or animal bloods and would argue that they have been mislabeled as monsters and are treated like second class citizens.