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I'd like to suggest that we start a communal CP pool to use in upgrading various aspects of the Icarus crew, which Gaist mentioned as a possibility in the thread. Players could contribute any personally earned CP to the pool, and perhaps CP for little things like expanding the wiki, which are helpful but not terribly relevant to developing our characters, could go to the pool by default. Put in what you can, take what you need; that sort of thing. Bass Concert Hall

As with other games, I will provide bonus CP to players who take the initiative in filling out additional information here both for their own characters and for events and other things of note that have occurred in the game. We can use this discussion area to start a bit of back-and-forth not unlike the original whiteboard before we began play. Dive in!

--Gaist Heidegger 14:17, 22 May 2009 (UTC)