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It is two hundred years after the beginning of the "Space Era", a time period when civilization began expanding into space. However, by the start of the 21st century, two meteors struck and destroyed much of the Earth, sending humanity into chaos. By year 179 of the Space Era, secret technology, dubbed Extra-Over Technology, or EOT, was discovered by the Earth Federal Government within a third meteor that had hit Earth at the Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific. Dr. Bian Zoldark, while investigating the meteor, also found out that the creators of the Extra-Over Technology were heading to Earth to reclaim it. In order to defend earth, the government starts to develop a group of humanoid mecha, known as Personal Troopers.




Set in the beginnings of OG1 PCs will be mecha pilots stationed in a small base in Patagonia (Colloquially known as the Very Far South base) which is a branch of the EFA Brazil base (Colloquially known as the Far South HQ). It would be a 3-6 player game and they would start out piloting Gespenst MKII-M and a few other variants. They will receive upgrades to their mechs at a later in the game.


Semi-serious with over the top action. Don’t agree with me? Two words: German Samurai.


With a few exceptions combat will remain the same as core PDQ.


Initiative is determined in mech combat via a combination of the mech mobility stat (see below) and the “fastest” quality of the pilot.

Attacking and defending

Attacks in mechs will be rolled as:

  • Attacking – 2d6 + [Weapon Quality] + [Mech Mobility] + [Character Pilot and Personality quality] + any other offensive quality
  • Defending – 2d6 + [Mech Mobility and Armor] + [Character Pilot and Personality quality] + any other defensive quality

In other words a PC would have an easy time against cannon fodder NPCs, a fair chance against Ace NPCs and struggle (on an individual basis not as a group) against bosses. .

Character Creation

Character are standard [8] and [-2]. They must include the following

Personality Quality

PCs have one free [2] Good rank personality of their choice.

A few examples of the most common personalities used in SRW:

  • Hot-blooded – You are hot on the inside and you can take no one shit, which includes your mom, friends, families and superior officers.

Guaranteed Spirit skill: Valor

SRW character example - Rio Mei Long and Brooklyn “Bullet” Luckfield.

  • Cool headed – You know what you are doing and you have the patience of a saint, you are also showing the qualities of a good soldier.

Guaranteed Spirit skill: Alert

SRW character example - Leona Garstein and Yuuki Jaggar.

  • Show off – You may or may not have a gigantic mullet, but you know you are awesome and you show your stuff.

Guaranteed Spirit skill: Luck

SRW character example – Tasuku Shinguji and Ricarla Borgnine.

  • Weird/Shy – You are shy, but you are also slightly weird, why else would you be a health food junkie?

Guaranteed Spirit skill: Gain

SRW character example – Kusuha Mizuha and Ryoto Hikawa.


The rank of the personality has no influence on the way you act out said personality. I.E. a poor rank hot-blooded character may act the same way as a good rank hot-blooded character, still the rank will influence the outcome of social/combat events.

Pilot Training quality

This quality represents special training the character underwent before his training as an EFA pilot ended and possibly even beyond that. You can only buy it at a max rank of [2] Good, you can improve it later but it does not increase the bonuses you receive (see below). Also the starting mech and mech upgrades is in no way final (I write this because I forgot about the poor Schutzwald)

  • Super Robot Pilot – You received special training at the Tesla Leitch Institute (TLI).

Starting Mech – Gespenst MKII-M

Bonus: One bonus rank in the Gespenst FP, Armor and Jet Magnum.

Guaranteed Spirit skill: Vigor

Potential mech upgrade: Grungust Type-1

  • Real Robot Pilot – You received special training in Mao Industries.

Starting Mech: Gespent MKII-R

One bonus rank in the Gespentst FP and Armor or Mobility (Player choice) and an extra bonus rank to be spent on the Gespent as the player decides.

Guaranteed Spirit skill: Focus

Potential Mech upgrade: Huckebein MKII or Gespenst MKII-S.

  • Test Pilot – You were assigned to work for different weapon/mecha manufacturers to test out their products.

Starting Mech: Gespenst MKII-M

Guaranteed Spirit skill: Strike

Bonus: One bonus rank in the Gespenst Mobility, EN and Air. Your Gespenst has a TLI built experimental Telsa Drive; it drains one rank of energy per turn and has a maximum operation time of five minutes.

Potential Mech upgrade: A captured Guarlion Custom with experimental stuff.

  • T-Link Pilot – You were selected as a candidate for the SRX project, but didn’t make the cut for the main one.

Guaranteed Spirit skill: Guard

Starting Mech: Gespent MKII-TT

One bonus rank in the Gespentst FP and Armor or Mobility (Player choice) and an extra bonus rank to be spent on the Gespent as the player decides. The player can use equipment and weaponry denoted as “T-Link Users”.

Potential Mech upgrade: Grungust Type-2


These two qualities represent the core of your character, so flesh it out a bit. Remember SRW:OG has a nerd pilot, German/American Samurais, A red-headed prankster, A shy black belt martial artist, A hot-blooded young man with a terrible sense of direction and a Ace pilot who is also an awesome cook. This means that the game won’t be completely serious, but please for the love of god don’t go completely batshit retarded on character creation.


Your mecha is the backbone of the EFA. Don’t worry about the fact that your starting mech is mass-produced, the thing is actually bloody decent at fighting and is not prone to exploding like the GM or the Leo.

Stats for Mechas

  • Functionality Points or FP– Represents the overall integrity and functionality of the mecha relative to its maximum FP. A mecha that reaches poor FP rank is destroyed.
  • Armor – Represents armor and structural integrity, main stat for super mechas. A mecha that reaches poor Armor rank is destroyed.
  • Mobility – Represents how mobile the mecha is, main stat for real mechas. A mecha that reaches poor mobility is unable to move and is easy prey for enemy mechas
  • Energy – Represents the max amount of energy the reactor can generate. Some weapons and optional equipment drain energy and as a preventive measure said weapons and equipment are disable once the energy reaches average rank. Energy regenerates by one rank or more a turn. A mecha that is drained to poor energy is disabled for one turn, it is completely vulnerable.
  • Ground, Space. Air, Water – This stat is related on how well a particular mech performs on a terrain.

Stock Gespenst MKII-M

[2 (6 Max)] FP

[2 (6 max)] Armor

[4] Mobility

[2] Energy

[2] Ground

[0] Space, Air

[-2] Water

  • Weapons – The Gespenst can change his weaponry and will later receive new ones. It can have a maximum of 3 weapons equipped, Jet Magnum is an exception because it’s a built in weapon.

[0] M950 Machine gun

[0] M13 Shotgun

[0] Boosted Rifle

[0] Cold Metal Knife

[0] Beam Sword

[0] Split Missile

[0] Jet Magnum

  • Optional Parts capacity of 3.

Stock Gespenst MKII-R

Has the same base stat as the MKII-M but with a few exceptions.

  • Weapons – looses the Jet magnum and gains an extra weapon slot. Plus has access to the following weapons:

[0] Slash Ripper

[0] Neo Plasma cutter

[0] Mega Beam Rifle

Stock Gespenst MKII-TT

Has the same base stat as the MKII-M but with a few exceptions.

  • Weapons – looses the Jet magnum but gains:

[0] T-Link Ripper

Plus has access to the following weapons:

[0] Plasma cutter

[0] Mega Beam Rifle

Stock Schutzwald

Has the same base stat as the MKII-M but with a few exceptions.

  • Weapons – looses the Jet magnum but gains:

[0] Twin Beam Cannon [0] 3 Barrel Machine gun

Has access to the regular Gespenst armory.


Like characters and mecha weapons have stats on their own. However unlike them you can only upgrade one weapon quality, which is the weapon quality.

  • Weapon Quality – Represents the overall quality and performance of the weapon, all weapons start at [0] Average quality and can be upgraded to a max
  • Damage Type – Not all weapons are made the same way, so they type of damage they deal will be different from one to another.,
    • Melee/Bullet – Good old lead, steel, tungsten, depleted uranium and high explosives filled bullets, now on jumbo versions.

Advantages – These weapons are very reliable, thus they will operate in extreme conditions and won’t explode on your face when damaged. Able to go beyond their max, or in the rare case minimum, range but with a penalty added.

Disadvantages – Limited ammo capacity, lacks destructive power.

    • Beam/Laser – Fancy particles focused in a tight beam that can melt the thickest and toughest of armor.

Advantages – Packs a big punch in every shot, almost unlimited ammunition.

Disadvantages – Consumes the mech energy instead of ammunition (see ammunition bellow) Can’t be used underwater. In air it can’t fire beyond its max range. In any environment it can’t fire below its minimum range. If damaged it can explode and damage the mech using it. Anti-Beam coating is becoming more common.

    • Ultimate – This weapons open a collage grade physics books and take a dump on them. Black holes? Singularity engines? Worm holes? Gravity weaponry? Its all here.

Advantages – Packs a really REALLY big punch in every shot, can fire beyond its max range but with a penalty, almost unlimited ammo, nothing can stop it.

Disadvantages – Energy hogs, tend to take a long time to recharge, can catastrophically fail if they are damaged.

    • Special – Special is sort of the bullet category a subtype Chaff, flares, etc all fall under this category. Also there are some weapons that combine both bullet and beam advantages without the disadvantages.
  • Range – Self explinatory. Melee weapons are up close and personal. Shotguns and machine guns are up close and personal to some distance away but close enough. Sniper rifles are from some distance away but close enough to really fucking fat, etc.
  • Ammunition – ALL weapons have ammunition counters but the counter means a different thing for each weapon. In a machine gun a counter can mean one full clip or various clips while in a Sniper rifle it means a single bullet. Beam/Ultimate can be fired a number of time(s) before they need to be recharged, they simply get their energy back from the mech.

Stats for weapons

M950 Machine gun

  • [0] Average Quality
  • Damage Type: Bullet
  • Range: 1-3 (Max 6}
  • Ammunition 15/15

M13 Shotgun

  • [0] Average Quality
  • Damage Type: Bullet
  • Range: 1-3 (Max 4}
  • Ammunition 10/10

Boosted Rifle

  • [0] Average Quality
  • Damage Type: Bullet
  • Range: 4-9 (Max 18!}
  • Ammunition 5/5

Cold Metal Knife

  • [0] Average Quality
  • Damage Type: Melee
  • Range: 1
  • Ammunition N/A

Beam Sword

  • [0] Average Quality
  • Damage Type: Beam, Melee
  • Range: 1
  • Ammunition 5/5, 1 EN to recharge

Mega Beam Rifle

  • [0] Average Quality
  • Damage Type: Beam
  • Range: 2-5 (Max 7}
  • Ammunition 3/3, 2 EN to recharge

Chaff Grenade

  • [0] Average Quality
  • Damage Type: Special
  • Range: 1-5 (Max 5}
  • Ammunition 3/3

Jet Magnum

  • [0] Average Quality
  • Damage Type: Ultimate
  • Range: 1-2 (Max -}
  • Ammunition 2/2, 2 EN to charge, 2 turns to charge

Improving the character and Mecha

Experience points award go as following:

  • Grunt – 0.5 Points
  • Grunt Ace – 1 point
  • Special Forces Grunt – 2 points
  • Named NPC Ace – 4 points
  • Boss NPC – 6 points

Plus any reward Exp for badassed actions, etc. Leveling qualities or getting new ones follow the same rules as core PDQ I.E 4 Experience points to raise a quality by one rank and 4 points to learn a new quality at good rank.

Customizing points are awarded as followed:

  • Grunt – 2 Points
  • Grunt Ace – 4 point
  • Special Forces Grunt – 8 points
  • Named NPC Ace – 26 points
  • Boss NPC – 24 points

These are for your mech and weapon; they follow the same rules as improving your own characters (4 points one rank and all that). But instead they go a common pool and get evenly divided amongst the pilots to upgrade their mechs. Any left over points are moved to the common pool again.

The maximum rank for any pilot or mech quality (unless otherwise noted) is [6] Master. The maxed quality can be raised beyond this rank via upshifts and special items.

Other skills qualities

Skills qualities represent advancement in a particular area, some of them improve the higher the rank while others don’t. And since this is PDQ and not munchkin you can’t buy them at character creation.

  • In-fight – You are getting better at using melee weapons and you can cover more distance with your mecha.
  • Out-fight – You are getting better at using ranged weapons and can a target at a longer range.
  • Prevail – This ability activates once your mech reaches a certain amount of damage. The higher the rank the less damage it needs to activate.
  • Hit & Away – You can move after you have made an offensive action, but only if you didn’t move this turn. This quality doesn’t improve with rank.
  • EN Save – Energy weapons drain ({Rank]/2) less energy rank. Good saves one rank of energy, Expert saves two and Master saves four.
  • Ammo Save – Weapons have ([Rank]/8) extra ammo. Good adds 25% extra ammo, expert adds 50% more and Master adds 100% more.
  • SP Up – Add a total of (Rank*2) spirit points. Good adds 4 more, Expert adds 8 more and Master adds 16 more.
  • SP Regen – Regenerate a total of Rank spirit points per turn.
  • Mental – Reduced the SP requirement of spirit commands by 50%. This quality doesn’t improve with rank.

Spirit commands

Besides up-shifts and down-shifts PCs (and some NPCs) have access to Spirit Commands (SC). These commands use Spirit points (SP). The amount of SP available to the PCs vary, cost of these SC and the type of SC available to them varies. Besides their guaranteed ones (See above) PCs will have a total of 8 SC.

  • Valor – If you successfully hit and damage someone then you deal 2* ranks of damage. If you miss the effect is lost.
  • Strike – Add 1d6 extra to your next attack.
  • Alert – The next attack aimed at you automatically misses.
  • Focus – Add 1d3 to your offensive and defensive actions for one turn.
  • Guard – You only receive 1/2 ranks of damage this turn.
  • Invincible – If damaged you only receive 1 rank of damage regardless of what.
  • Gain – You receive twice the amount of experience points this turn. The effect is gone if you attack but don’t destroy the enemy.
  • Luck - You receive twice the amount of customizing points this turn. The effect is gone if you attack but don’t destroy the enemy.
  • Vigor – Your mech recovers .3*([Total] ranks) worth of damaged ranks. I.E. a mecha with a total of [10] will recover a total of 3 damaged ranks
  • Guts – Your mech completely recovers of any damage.
  • Faith – An allied mech of your choosing recovers 2 ranks worth of damage.
  • Renew – Renew energy and ammunition.
  • Accelerate – Your mecha mobility is Upshifted for one turn.
  • Zeal – You can act again immediately after you finish your turn.
  • Snipe – Your next ranged attack can reach further targets.
  • Fury – Your next attack ignores shields and any special defensive ability
  • Yell – Your Personality is upshifted for one turn.
  • Sense – Gives the effect of Strike and Alert at the same time.
  • Assail – You can move and use any weapon. (I.E. sniper rifles)
  • Love – Gives the effect of Strike, Alert, Valor, Yell, Gain, Luck.

Optional Parts

These parts can either enhance the performance of the mech or add abilities un available to the mech

  • Booster – Your mech movement range increases a bit.
  • Servo Motor - +1 rank to mobility
  • Bio Sensor - +2 ranks to mobility
  • Thruster - +3 ranks to mobility
  • Tesla Drive – Your mech can fly and has a minimum rank of expert in Air.
  • Thruster Set – Your mech and weapons has a rank of Master in space.
  • Dustproof – Your mech and weapons have a rank of master in ground.
  • Water Jet – Your mech and weapons have a rank of master in water. If you have beam weapons equipped you can fire them underwater.
  • A-Adapter – Your mech and your weapons have a rank of expert in all terrains
  • S-Adapter – Your mech and your weapons have a rank of master in all terrains
  • Chobhan Armor – +1 rank to FP and armor.
  • Hybrid Armor – +2 ranks to FP and armor.
  • Orichalconium – +3 ranks to FP and armor.
  • Z.O. Armor – +4 ranks to FP and armor.
  • Generator – +1 rank to energy.
  • Large Generator – +2 ranks to energy.
  • High Generator – +3 ranks to energy.
  • Solar panel – Recover an extra 1 rank (plus one extra rank above expert rank) of energy.
  • Beam Coat – Beam weapons only do 1/2 damage, minimum of one rank.
  • AB field – Beam weapons only do 1/4 damage, minimum of zero rank.
  • G Wall – Kinetic barrier, all weapons deal 3/4 damage, minimum of two ranks.
  • G Territory – Kinetic barrier, all weapons deal 1/2 damage, minimum of one rank.
  • Hyper Jammer – Add After image skill to your mech.
  • Dual Sensor – +1 rank bonus to attack rolls.
  • Multi Sensor – +2 ranks bonus to attack rolls.
  • Custom HUD – +3 ranks bonus to attack rolls.
  • T.Link Sensor – +4 ranks bonus to attack rolls.
  • Repair Kit – Fully repairs FP and armor. One time use.
  • Fuel Tank – Replenishes EN. One time use.
  • Cartrige – Recovers all ammunition. One time use.
  • Repar Kit MKII – Recovers FP/Armor/EN and ammo. One time use.
  • Energy drink – Recovers some SP. One time use.
  • Energy drink (KMver) – Recovers all SP. One time use.