St. Regis By Night

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St. Regis, Pennsylvania

A fictional metropolis in Pennsylvania's Torch County and setting of St. Regis By Night, the city of St. Regis is home to just under a thousand vampires, some four hundred werewolves, and about six hundred mages.

Vampire Power Structure

The Kindred of St. Regis are ruled by the Invictus Prince Damien Meijer, though he is forced to share power with an elected Senate as a legacy of his bloody rise to power.

History of the St. Regis Kindred

Prior to 1952, St. Regis was firmly Carthian, and one of the few domains to actually resmeble a democratic stucture. The Nosferatu James Trapp retained a figurehead position as Lord of St. Regis, while actual power was contained amongst the elected Senate.

This changed during what has become known as the Red Nights, when a group of Invictus led by now-Prince Damien Meijer managed to seize power from the Carthians in a bloody struggle that left Lord Trapp in Final Death. The transition was not complete, though, and the Senate remains elected and largely Carthian, though a sizable number of Invictus hold seats as well. Further, the Carthian Melissa von Simmons (childe and protege of James Trapp) was appointed a Regent, though this has led to St. Regis regents being far more restricted than those of most domains.

As it now stands today, St. Regis is primarily divided between the Carthian Society and the Invictus, with the Lancea Sanctum, Circle of the Crone, and general unaligned vampires holding a significant presence as well. The Ordo Dracul number barely more than eighty, which leaves them dwarfed by the Carthians and Invictus but still leaves them with enough to claim a Kogaion -- in this case, a Daeva named Walter de Castellac.

Major Figures

Damien Meijer: Mekhet/Invictus male. Embraced in France during the early Rennaisance. Prince of St. Regis and talented occultist, as well as the Second Heir to the Dawnsguard Pact. A Mastigos mage of the Silver Ladder prior to his Embrace.

Leon Aaronson: Ventrue/Invictus male. Former majordomo of St. Regis, he is a humorless Kindred loyal to the Prince above all else. Or so it truth, Leon was actually part of Seven, and responsible for initiating the Red Nights in an attempt to destroy the St. Regis Kindred from within.

Melissa von Simmons: Nosferatu/Carthian female. Embraced during the women's suffrage movement. Wealthy, she has been a major funder of various minority rights groups over the past century. One of the most well-known Regents of St. Regis, and protege/childe of the former Lord of St. Regis.

Father Timothy Smith: Ventrue/Lancea Sanctum male. Former Catholic priest, embraced in Ireland at the close of the 18th century. Bishop of St. Regis, he believes that he was chosen by God to become Damned so as to place the role of "sin eater" under the domain of the Catholic Church.

Walter de Castellac: Daeva/Ordo Dracul male. Kogaion of the St. Regis Ordo Dracul, and prefers to stay neutral in the city's power struggles. More often than not, though, this fails to come to pass.

Emily West: Gangrel/Circle of the Crone female. Hierophant of the St. Regis Circle, and fervently opposed to the Lancea Sanctum due to her mother being burned as a witch in Salem.

Amelia Simons: Gangrel/Carthian female. Harshly critical of the new Prince, she was appointed Harpy in an attempt to weaken her voice among the St. Regis Kindred. Though this has spectacularly backfired, Damien cannot remove Amelia without looking weak.


Jacob Alighieri

A Moroes of the Free Council, Jacob is actually a descendant of the famous author of the Divine Comedy (though he does not believe himself such despite what his parents told him). He is one of the members of the Silver Conclave, a cabal of mages with little real power. He is also the Sixth Heir of the Dawnsguard Pact, and the only Heir that trusts Damien Meijer (and is trusted in turn by the Prince).



Seven is active in St. Regis, having claimed the former majordomo to Prince Meijer as a member. They appear to have ties to the Sabbath King, but the details are as yet unknown.

The Sabbath King

A spirit of unfathomable power sealed away long ago by the Dawnsguard Pact, little is known about the Sabbath King save that it commands many allies both vampiric and spirit, and that it is a threat to all who dwell upon the earth.


The Roman Catholic Church has a small group of hunters active in St. Regis, based out of the Church of St. Benedict.

Other Groups

The Dawnsguard Pact

An alliance of seven mages from hundreds of years ago that sealed away the Sabbath King in a world beyond the physical. Each member appointed an Heir to watch over the seal, acting independently and secretly to ensure that the Sabbath King does not return. Though no Heir is meant to know the identity of any other for safety, methods were put in place to contact each other in case of an emergency.

Major Places

Enterprise Towers

The heart of Kindred politics in St. Regis, Enterprise Towers is where Prince Damien Meijer holds court. It is technically owned by a loose group of Invictus interests, though in practice it is Meijer's domain.

St. Paul Hospital

A Kindred hospital insignificant save for a mysterious wing controlled by the Invictus. It is here that Leon Aaronson performed diablerie experiments he intended to use to frame the Prince, and it is here that the Prince holds a hidden library of occult lore accessable only to certain trusted individuals.