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Name: Sören Weiss Description: A mature blond-haired blue-eyed Perfect Aryan Specimen (except for the glasses). He'd be quite serious-looking if people got over the fact that he's a walking stereotype. They get over it pretty quickly.


High Concept - Psycho SS Officer Trouble - "It's a dirty job, and I love to do it."

Phase One - Zeit Über Alles:

Mr. Weiss was born January 22nd, 1906 (NS) in Köslin, to moderately wealthy parents. His father would die fairly late into the Great War, the result of a prolonged, agonizing death after heavy exposure to mustard gas. He was a fairly decent student, but not quite exemplary. While he had few behavioral issues, he was considered rather aloof by teachers and peers. He briefly dabbled in entomology, but increasingly dedicated his time to NSDAP volunteer work in the mid-to-late 20s, becoming a valued member of the SS after Himmler's rise to power.

By the start of the war, he was a standartenführer in the SS-Totenkopfverbände, deployed to the Prora death camp [1], where he pioneered the use of mass drowning as an extermination method. Few records of his performance exist outside of T.I.M.E. headquarters, but the few that remain note his 'serene' nature, and the lack of disciplinary problems at the camp.

His first encounter with time travel was rather accidental; while investigating the racial ancestry of one of the lower officers, Martin Kerner, he discovered that the man's pedigree had no basis whatsoever in reality. Efficient interrogation revealed that he was a 'Neo-Nazi' working for the 'Greco-Italian Axis' from the far-off year of 2047 attempting to stop the "march of Bolshevism into Europe". Weiss was skeptical, and was only stopped by marking the man as a degenerate by the activation of his time machine.

The 2047 they went to was not quite the one that the man had described. It was clear he had traveled somewhere, perhaps even to a future, but the landscape was ruined and uninhabited. Kerner had already changed the future, and after several days of investigation, it was clear that the Reich still had lost, but also that a nuclear war had taken place after the Turkish Missile Crisis between the USA and Soviet Union.

More confusingly, in a few days this future changed back to what Kerner had described. Weiss and the man were quickly apprehended by EU authorities (for wearing Nazi regalia), and T.I.M.E. showed up to clean up the mess. Kerner was imprisoned, and Weiss was made an offer he couldn't refuse.

Not that he particularly objected to the concept, though. One experience with time travel (and the annoying brat) was enough to make it clear that changing the timeline only destroyed the few people able to experience the glory of each Reich. In the standard timeline, he was unceremoniously executed by the Red Army, giving him the opportunity to disappear into this strange new world...

Phase Two - Always Have Leverage

Weiss found the perfect niche in T.I.M.E.

While there are outright criminals and other ne'er-do-wells who try and change history for their benefit, most of the time, those changing history are doing so for at least marginally altruistic reasons. Some even succeed at making reality better. Sending an agent, to, for example, stop someone from preventing a school shooting, usually takes its psychological toll on the agent. Weiss is above such regrets, and is experienced with leading agents in such a way that they do not feel quite responsible for their actions.

While this does not making him necessarily popular with his colleagues (which he is fine with), it does make him quite useful to the higher-ups, who have enough on their hands managing the past five or six millenniums. This also gives Weiss a much more politically advantageous position among the T.I.M.E. hierarchy then normal.

Phase Three - [reserved for inter-party background]



(+4) Will (+3) Intimidation, Lore (+2) Contacts, Notice, Physique (+1) Empathy, Fighting, Investigation, Shooting


Indomitable - +2 to Will rolls made to defend against Intimidation attacks made to deal mental stress to Sören. "You Must Carry Out My Orders" - +2 to Intimidation attacks made to make someone do reprehensible things. Specialist (Entomologist) - +2 to all Lore rolls involving insects.

Other Notes:

Sören certainly enjoys killing, but not quite as a passion so much as a grim fascination with the ephemeral nature of existence. The difference is not apparent to most [sane, non-evil] people, but he is eager to stress it. Non-life is the substrate of the majority of reality, and being alive is a small region of all possible worlds and times. Exposure to time travel has convinced him even more of this.

He does not, however, kill arbitrarily. There is always at least some discernible reason behind his actions, whether it is carrying out the ends of Nazi ideology or preserving the Spirit of Time from those who wish to overthrow the natural order of things.

[1] The Prora camp does not officially exist in conventional history; it turned out to be a subtle change in an elaborate time travel plot by the post-atomic CIA to destabilize the Eastern Bloc before World War III could occur. This was, of course, rendered redundant by further correction of the timeline.