Salvatore Tagliatelli

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   Pilot: Salvatore Tagliatelli 
   Call-sign: Alphabet
   Concept: Streetwise mechanic turned pilot
   Nationality: Empire State 
   * Small Man Complex
   * If It's A Machine, He Can Fix It
   * Streetwise
   * Connected to the Mob
   * Could Start A Fight in an Empty Room
   * Charming with the Ladies
   Piloting Sub-Skills
   Great: Gunnery
   Good: Handling
   Fair: Aerial Psyche
   Superb: Engineering
   Great: Pilot Contacting Fists
   Good: Alertness Burglary Drive
   Fair: Weapons Sleight of Hand Gambling Endurance
   Average: Rapport Intimidation Deceit Athletics Investigation
   (Pilot) Flying Ace
   (Contacting) I Know A Guy Who Knows A Guy
   (Engineering) Grease Monkey
   (Fists) Brawler
   (Burglary) Hatpin Maestro
   (Alertness) Danger Sense
   Name: William & Colt "Peacemaker" 370
   Description: Eschewing the more elegant Eastern designs for a proven workhorse, Alphabet's plane, 
   Lucky Lucy, is painted olive drab and is riddled with bullet holes. 
   Several pieces of the plane appear to be held in place with nothing but strips of tape,
   and oil and scorch marks dot the hull. 
   Lovingly painted on the nose is the Lucy in question, a dark haired beauty in lingerie. 
   In contrast  to the rest of the plane the image of Lucy is immaculate. 
   Painted on one side of the rudder is the flag of the Empire State, 
   and on the other is an Italian flag.

Sal Tagliatelli grew up on the streets of Little Italy in the Empire State. The son of a baker, Sal went to work for his father at an early age and had very little schooling. He watched his father slave away all day in the bakery, only to bring home barely any food for dinner. Meanwhile mobsters swept through the neighborhood in beautiful cars and seemed to never want for anything. Realizing that his Father's life was not for him, Sal began running with local street gangs and doing small jobs for local Mafia dons. It was during this time that Sal realized he had a natural affinity for machines of all kinds, planes in particular. He was so talented he was brought in to work on the personal vehicles of some of the highest ranking members of the Family, adding all kinds of unofficial modifications. His name spread through the criminal underground as THE guy to call when you needed a little something extra on your vehicle, and Sal soon found himself with enough money to go into business for himself. With the Lucy and a network of criminal contacts that reached anywhere with an organized crime family, Sal was ready to finally make it big in the world.

Sal is a fast talking kid from New York City, so fast in fact that people have a hard time understanding him. Book smart he is not, but he possesses a cunning and intelligence that only growing up hard on the streets can give you. He craves respect, and will fight at the drop of a hat when he perceives the slightest hint of disrespect. Most of the people he trusts are criminals, but if you prove your loyalty he will back you to the hilt. He hates snitches, big talkers, academics and fancy boys.