Rusk Vaadrensen

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Character Sheet

Rusk Vaadrensen (Zion)
150 Points Angel-Possessed Human
ST: 9 [-10] IQ: 13 [60]
DX: 8 [-40] HT: 10 [0]

Myrael Template                   [76]
True Faith (Myrael)                [9]
Eidetic Memory                     [5]
PI 2 (Myrael)(4 total)            [12]
Poor                             [-10]
Miserliness                      [-10]
Demands Silence in Sanctuary      [-1]
Likes: Glass Baubles              [-1]
Dislikes: Society Functions       [-1]
Ritual Magic: Kabbalic-12          [4]
Exorcism-13                        [4]
Symbol Drawing-14                  [8]
Occultism-16                      [16]
Hidden Lore: Nevernever-13         [2]
Hidden Lore: Demon Lore-13         [2]
Speed Reading-14                   [4]
Observation-14                     [4]
Current Affairs: High Culture-13   [1]
Housekeeping-14                    [2]
Lockpicking-13                     [2]
Area Knowledge: Gold Coast-13      [1]
Aura-15                            [1]
Truthsayer-15                      [1]
Detect Magic-15                    [1]
Identify Spell-15                  [1]
Analyze Magic-16                   [2]
Seek Earth-15                      [1]
Seek Water-15                      [1]
Seeker-16                          [2]
Banish-15                          [1]



76 Points

Channeling				[10 points]	By going into a trance you can allow
							Myrael to speak directly. He can attempt
							to possess your body at this time. You 
							are at +5 to resist.

Mindlink				[5 points]	You can speak to Myrael at any time.

Patron (Myrael the Angel)		[90 points]
	Extremely Powerful (300+ points)	[15 points]
	Almost always avaliable	(15 or less)	[x3]
	Highly Accessible			[+50%]
	Grants Special Abilities		[+50%]	See list of suggested abilities below

Power Investiture 2 (-40%)		[12 points]	You are at IQ+2 to cast spells from the
							list I have provided below.

Enemy (Demons)				[-30 points]	The angel inside puts off an aura that
	Medium Sized Group, Formidable		[-30]	demons can sense. When faced with their 
	Wishes you harm or death		[x1]	mortal enemies, demons will attack with
	Fairly Often (9 or less)		[x1]	all of their power.

Sense of Duty (Large Group)		[-10 points]	Myrael, and therefore you, have a sense
							of duty towards those weaker than 
							yourself. You will protect and help 
							them if at all possible.

Unnatural Features 1			[-1 point]	The marks on your arm are quite noticable.

GM Notes for Myrael

Myrael has granted you special, supernatural abilities that are usually avaliable. These abilities must be chosen at character creation and cannot be changed. You may purchase new abilities as time goes on. All abilities granted by Myrael have a -40% accessibility limitation. Myrael can take these abilities from you if he so wishes or if you fail to use them in a manner he approves of.

Here are some suggestions.

Blessed (Heroic Feats)
Enhanced Senses
Luck (NOT super luck)
True Faith

Myrael's Abilities

I will never show you Myrael's full sheet, but I will give you an idea of how he operates and what he is capable of. As an angel, Myrael is righteous to the extreme. Old Testament extreme. He won't hesitate to show his wrath or fury if the situation warrants. The God of the Jews is not a nice God.

Myrael has numerous contacts in the Nevernever, but such contacts are limited to beings of good intent. If so inclined, he will contact these beings for information to help you.

Myrael is extremely intelligent and will usually provide insight if asked.

The Special Abilities noted above are but a manifestation of Myrael's spirit in your mortal body. He has access to all of them (and more) but may or may not choose to share them with you as the situation warrants. Also, only those you purchase will be avaliable with any sort of regularity. Purchasing them all with the Emergencies Only limiation may be a good idea.

And finally, Myrael is immortal. As such, your mortal life passes in a blink of his eye. Just because his spirit is bound to your body does not mean that he will be giving you his undivided attention. He has duties of his own, assigned by God. His spirit is bound, but his mind is not. Myrael will not always answer your call.

Spells Provided Access by Myrael

Purify Air
Hide Thoughts
Minor Healing
Major Healing
Lend Energy
Continual Light
Sense Spirit
Purify Water