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A PDQ game concieved by Foxxtrot. In it, the players are all the folk competing at the Rodeo.

Character Creation

Types of Characters

All Characters belong to one of two types. Cowboys and Rodeo Clowns. Cowboys are the boys who compete in the events, while the Rodeo Clown's job is to keep the boys safe, and the crowd entertained. Ever dream of having a 2-ton bull charge at you? Rodeo Clown is your job! Ever wanted to sit on the back of that 2-ton bull while it's doing it's damndest to get you off? Then you're a cowboy! When creating your character, you'll choose one of these two types, and add that to your sheet at the [+0] Level.

Womenfolk really only have one choice. Rodeo Queen. You'll be competing for the national crown.


Characters are only required to take Qualities related to the sport of Rodeo. Remember, Rodeo is as much about riding, as it is about impressing the crowd. While winning will shoot you up to the National Circuit, if the crowd loves you and will come out to see you, you may just find yourself there even if your don't tend to grab the top purse.

Qualities A Cowboy/Girl Needs

Bronc Rider - You must specialize in either Saddle Bronc or Bareback Bronc Riding, and you roll against the other skill with a single downshift.

Bull Rider - Think about it.

Bulldogging - This is the art of leaping off a horse onto a steer and wrassling it to the ground. Yes, it's that fucking stupid.

Roping - This is the art of lassoing a calf from the back of a horse, and tying it down. This quality covers calf roping and team roping.

Barrel Racing - Only women race barrels competitively.

Drilling - Riding in a show, usually with flags, and it's coordinated. Another good one for Rodeo Queens.

Comedy - Telling jokes

Bullfighting - Getting a bulls attention, and avoiding getting caught up on those horns.

Acrobatics - Jumping and running, diving into barrels, that sort of thing.

Looks - This is how pretty your are. Ladyfolk like pretty cowboys.

Levelheadedness - How do you take success? Or failure for that matter. Cussin' up a storm ain't gonna win you many fans.

Wordiness - How good are you at talking. The reporters love talking to you, do you like talkin' to them?

Fame Points

Fame is the most important thing in Rodeo. And you earn it in a few ways. Everytime you take top place in an event, you immediately get a point of fame. Anytime you completely fail in an event (get bucked off, fail to rope a calf, etc) you immediately lose a point of fame. However, anytime you impress the crowd with your good nature, for instance, not being a shit about getting bucked off, you gain a positive tick. Same for negative ticks, if you're a shit, you gain negative ticks. Anytime you earn 10 postive ticks, you gain a fame point, 10 negative ticks, you lose one.

Rodeo Clowns gain Fame Points by saving Cowboys. When a Cowboy falls, it's the Rodeo Clowns' job to rush in, get the angered animals attention, and get him away from the fallen Cowboy. Yeah, it's a dangerous job, but someone has to do it.

If you were to go below zero fame points, your fame backslides, and you immediately downshift your type, and gain two fame points. If you were already at [-2] Type, you drop out of rodeo entirely. Raising your type requires you to sacrifice as many quality points, as your new Type rank. To go from +0 Cowboy to +2 will cost 2 Points from your qualities, lowering Bullfighting from +4 to +2 for instance. You can not reduce qualities beyond -2, and you can't reduce qualities you don't use. This will be determined by the GM.

To Raise your Qualities, you will spend as many Fame Points as the Quality will be raise to. To raise Bullfighting from Good [+2] to Expert [+4] costs 4 Fame Points, for instance.

Qualities and types are limited to Master [+6] Level. There are seven exceptions to this:

  • A Master [+6] Cowboy can spend 6 Fame Points to change to a Normal [+0] Local Rodeo Star
  • A Master [+6] Rodeo Star can spend 12 Fame Points to change to a Normal [+0] National Rodeo Star
  • A Master [+6] Rodeo Princess can spend 4 Fame Points to change to a Normal [+0] Rodeo Queen
  • A Master [+6] Rodeo Queen can spend 8 Fame Points to change to a Normal [+0] State Rodeo Queen
  • A Master [+6] State Rodeo Queen can spend 12 Fame Points to change to a Normal [+0] National Rodeo Queen
  • A Master [+6] Rodeo Clown can spend 4 Fame Points to change to a Normal [+0] Bullfighter
  • A Master [+6] Bullfighter can spend 8 Fame Points to change to a Normal [+0] National Rodeo Clown

These two upgrades can only be taken at the end of a Rodeo Season, and give access to bigger competitions during the next rodeo season.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts between the Cowboy and the animal, and how they are resovled depends on the event:

  • Bucking Horses/Bulls: These are resolved as per standard conflict resolution rolls. If the cowboy wins the conflict, then he stays on the full eight seconds. However, the more beat-up the cowboy gets during the course of the conflict, the more points he'll be awarded for putting on a good show. An animal that gets beat quickly won't be bucking much, and the judges ain't impressed by a lousy ride. However, there is always the possibility the judges will award a re-ride if animal didn't even try.
  • Roping: These are resolved with a roll first to make sure the cowboy didn't jump the gun and start running before the calf got too far away. From there, the cowboy needs to Rope the animal, and then tie it down. In this case, the faster the cowboy beats the animal, the better, but he can't jump the gun without a penalty.
  • Bulldogging:Handled like roping.

Conflicts can also occur between the cowboy and the crowd, for instance to determine "grace under fire", these will be handled as quick contests, which are modified by the size and dignity of the crowd. (Larger Rodeos have more dignified crowds).