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Resident Evil: The Fall of Raccoon City is an All Flesh Must Be Eaten campaign run by JoshuaWoulf. It takes place in Raccoon City, where both Resident Evil 2 and 3 took place, as well as Resident Evil: Outbreak File #1 and #2, which is what the game is modeled on. The game takes place over the course of the last few days of Raccoon City, starting on the 23th of September. Game thread is

The current players are as follows:

namesake as Donald Cummings Shogeton as Rachel Simmons CharlieFoxtrot as Dr. Alfred Cavanaugh InsanityIsCrazy as Dustin Wallace TiredDaemon as Ben Landall GaistHeidegger as Bernard Adams Swags as Alexander Rastomov Tindjin as R(achel). "Porter" Dickens Mr. Horyd as Anthony "A.J. Holiday" Jones

Information on Character Creation, from the recruitment thread:

Characters are "Norm+"s - 18 Attribute Points, 10 Quality Points (10 point Drawback limit) 33 Skill points. No Gift or Inspiration qualities.

Character Sheet Additions for homebrew rules:

1. Divide your total health into thirds, and add a "Status" information bar. The lowest third will be your "Critical" state, the middle third will be "Caution", and the top third will be "Fine". So, if you had 15 health points, it would appear on your character sheet as follows:

Health Points: 15

Status: 1-5 = Critical, 6-10 = Caution, 11-15 = Fine

2. Add an Infection line below your Status. As of the start of the game, you all have zero infection, so it would show like this:

Health Points: ###

Status: ###

Infection: 0%

Recruitment thread can be found here: