Questers of the Middle Realms

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Questers of the Middle Realms
 Creator(s) Tim Gray
 System(s) PDQ
 Genre(s) Fantasy

This game is written as a somewhat tongue-in-cheek reworking of common fantasy elements, poking affectionate fun at the conventions and stylings of fantasy games. Especially That One. So groups of characters with widely disparate backgrounds and personalities charge round the countryside, poking into Places Man Was Not Meant To Poke, slaying hapless Things and accumulating Stuff - but with a particular flavour.

The setting is the world of Median and the continent of Ludor. There are other continents, not detailed here, but Ludor is thought of (by its inhabitants at least) as the centre of the world, hence its lands are known as "the Middle Realms", or often just "the Realms".

It's a world where people are flawed, from the gods on down, to be played in an atmosphere of cynical humour mixed with daring adventure. It also draws on the crazy, grab-bag side of fantasy, where a setting has multitudes of weird monsters drawn from any and all mythologies and the sugar-sozzled brains of the authors; ranks of gods directing people's fates from on high; magic flying around on a routine basis and enchanted items under every rock; and various organisations and factions pursuing different agendas.