Puzzle Strike

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What Is Puzzle Strike?

Puzzle Strike is a deck building game played with a bag full of wooden/cardboard chips.

League Stats

Current Leaders
4 Wins 
3 Wins 
Gorgo Primus, Fyrbrand
2 Wins 
FebrezeNinja, Kengi, Kuroshi, Paint Vagrant
1 Win 
Clockwork Gadget, Tekopo, winvirus
0 Wins 
ridiculous dinosaur, Misandu, Deathlove
Zero Game Wonders 
Hipster Scumbag, Imperial Guard, lighttigersoul, Meme Emulator

Match Table

Player Clockwork Gadget Deathlove Febreze Ninja Fyrbrand Hipster Scumbag Imperial Guard Kengi Kuroshi lighttigersoul Misandu Meme Emulator PaintVagrant ridiculous dinosaur Tekopo winvirus Dross Gorgo Primus
Clockwork Gadget Grave Setsuki
Deathlove Jaina Jaina
FebrezeNinja Lum Rook Jaina Valerie Grave Setsuki Midori DeGrey
Fyrbrand Grave Grave Rook
Hipster Scumbag
Imperial Guard
Kengi Rook Rook Rook
Kuroshi Grave Lum Lum
Misandu Setsuki
Meme Emulator
PaintVagrant Setsuki DeGrey Valerie Valerie Midori DeGrey
ridiculous dino Jaina Jaina
Tekopo Midori DeGrey DeGrey
winvirus Lum
Dross Argagarg Grave Argagarg Grave Argagarg
Gorgo Primus Argagarg Argagarg Argagarg

Character Stats

Character Wins Losses Win Percent
Grave 4 3 57%
Jaina 0 5 0%
Midori 2 1 66%
Valerie 1 2 33%
Setsuki 1 3 25%
Rook 3 2 60%
Degrey 0 5 0%
Geiger 0 0 -%
Lum 4 0 100%
Argagarg 6 0 100%