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Entry 1

In this year 2415 since the passage of Gautama Buddha beyond this world of mortality, in the year 1872 since the birth of the Christian Son of God, in the twenty-first year of the reign of His Royal Highness Rama IV, King of Siam, Ruler of Krung Thep, the city of angels, the great city, the eternal jewel city, the impregnable city of God Indra, the grand capital of the world endowed with nine precious gems, a city given by Indra and built by Vishnukarn - I, Nai Khanosuan, third son of His Royal Highness Rama IV, King of Siam, et cetera, set these words to paper.

To help you see beyond my poor words, your author is a fine example of Siamese distinction, with eyes of sweet brown almond and stiff black hair, which I must admit, only stays in place a few hours after I have asked it to be polite at parties. My smile, like all Siamese, is granted easily. I have been surprised to find that while I am of average height among my people, I am a bit short of stature here in New Europa.

On this date I am enjoying the company of the Duke of Rouen, having been in the distant land of New Europa approximately one month. France is not overly friendly to the Siamese people, due to the border disputes that exist between my country and the French colonies neighboring it. Despite this, I am greeted courteously... though not warmly. I must admit that the opinions of the Bishop Augustus LeClerc which have been made public at the gatherings I have attended are not courteous in the least, but fortunately, few gentlemen are willing to take his accusations of 'heathen' and 'son-of-a-warmonger' seriously. Differences in religious particulars I may concede, but not the dirtying of the name of my father and King!

Thankfully, my swordsmanship has helped me defend such insults to my nation, having wounded on two occasions the Bishop's champions with Great skill and Good Courage. Most find it strange that I prefer the two-weapon fighting I have since learned at my young age, the krabi krabong, using the two precious Siamese sabers that are also my badge of office as diplomat, rumored to contain the Lek Lai, the magic sword-metal. As the third son of King Rama IV, I have been granted a Good Education as befits my station, and been taught Good Social Graces and Charisma at the court and with strangers. I was neither lacking in my effort at Muay Thai, the empty-handed Thai fighting style, at which I am considered Good as well, and feel my Athletic ability has matched that training. I must admit, here in this strange land, I have very few people I can call upon, and such Poor Connections may perhaps be my main deficit here. Neither have I received much more than Poor Motoring instruction, being royalty and having no reason to learn the use of automotives... but I do not mind walking from place to place.

These faults do not deter me in my visit. However, I am sure that Western wine is far stronger than Eastern, and have often found myself distinctly lighter than I ought to be at parties. As well, most gentlemen are surprised to find that I am quick to leap to the defense of those insulted or set-upon, especially those women needlessly shoved about as if they were common soldiers - but I always reply that if such is not the mark of royalty, what is? I do admit I complain unnecessarily at times, partially because I am not used to the food and climate of this faraway land. I prefer my silk half-trousers and open-necked shirts, but did commission the tailoring of three hybrid suits for more appropriate formalwear of my own design; silk pants, a Siamese royal sash, and white suit coat and vest, and hope that such makes me pleasing in the eyes of the Westerners.

It was my father and King who came to me after my classes were finished one fine summer day, and spoke to me of the happenings of Bayern and Prussia. Siam, while strong, he said, must accept their neighbors, even if they are on the other side of the world. We buy automotives and rifles (I prefer my swords), to keep abreast of the rest of the world, but technology is not a virtue to maintain, he told me, only a tool to carry - it is honor and courage that are best - both of which Siam shares with those proud countries of the West. He told me he was approached by a Dragon upon the Palace balcony, who told him of the Second Compact between the faerie (known to us as the good and evil house spirits) and the Unseelie plot to drench the lands of the East in opium. This, my father said, he cannot abide, and I agreed with him. My greatest pleasure came when he then asked me to venture to the west, with sword and badge, as diplomat in voice and royal warrior in secret, and assist the agents of the Second Compact as best I could.

He is my father and King, and I said yes.

Thus, here I am, in this cold land, three thousand kilometers from the nearest mango, ready to take up the call of right. To all - those whose noble names I trade formal introductions with, and those who fight against the machinations of grinding gears and drugged lies - I seek to act in a way to honor my father and King, and my country. I can only hope that I perform well enough that my father and King considers the position important enough to be declared permanent, setting Siam not only among the Empires of the World, but among the nations - empire and otherwise - who do not accept the actions of foul spirits and leaders.

And though I am quick to champion those women too beautiful to be dirtied by blades, I must maintain my path alone. The women of the West do not accept the fact that am the son of the King by his second wife, and my father and King would not accept a Western wife.

Though I must admit my knees shook - just a bit, mind you - when that Italian widow ripped off her gown trail, draw her rapier, and slapped a drunk Prussian colonel with an open hand.

Such is the beauty of the West, and I bow to it.


Languages: Thai, Latin, French, English

Statline: Great: Fencing / Good: Athletics, Charisma, Courage, Fisticuffs, Education, Social Graces / Poor: Connections, Motoring / Health: 6/6