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Michael Gill was born in Spokane, WA. His family were good Catholics, attending mass regularly at St. Aloysius on the campus of Gonzaga University. The patronage was significant, as St. Aloysius Gonzaga is known to look out for troubled youths. Michael was troubled more than most. He recognized things in the world, that most people wrote off as childish fantasy. He knew it was real however. Rev. Ignatius Ohno, though he was as blind as everyone else, knew a tiny bit of what Michael was experiencing.

Father Ohno worked with Michael to ensure he remained close to the Church, something Michael was apt to do anyway, as the Church was where he was most safe. Through the Catholic Church, Michael was introduced to one who was like him. Who saw the world as it truly was. Patronus Reverend Christopher Porter was a member the Ordus Patronus, the Order of the Protectors, who took on a temporary role as a professor at Gonzaga Prepatory School, and Gonzaga University, two institutions which the Church ensured Michael had full tuition waivers for. At these schools, Michael was given th finest in Jesuit Education, while also being provided by Rev. Porter the additional training a young Wizard would need.

At first, Michael resisted it. After all, the Church taught that Magic didn't exist, and any evidence of it was blasphemy and evil. "I won't argue that this ability is not direct from God," Porter explained one day, when Michael was 21 and still fighting the magic lessons. "The Patroni are a special case in our service to the Lord. Though this gift may not be the Power of God, we can still use it to glorify Him. And to keep the flock safe. We're the sheep dogs of the Lord, Michael, just as Jesus is the Sheperd."

Michael was slowly brought around, and finally began his true training in earnest. Michael's sharp analytical mind was chosen to focus on the investigatory wing of the Patroni. As such, his early training focused on learning how to find things that perhaps did not want to be found, and to see that which had passed. He learned how to communicate with the recently deceased. "This magic, which the White Council hates us for teaching," began one of his aged instructors in Rome. "This magic allows you to communicate with one recently passed. As long as the soul rests in purgatory, it is within the reach of you, though the longer they've departed this world the more tenuous the bonds. Use it with a heavy heart," Michael was warned.

Michael learned how to defend himself, and had bestowed upon him as he completed the Seminary at age 25 a pair of silver daggers, which he wore under his coat. The only possession of any value that Michael would ever have, but one that he thanked the Lord for after being attacked by a Lycanthrope on his first major posting in Arizona. Unfortunately, the pack who Michael had the run-in with was one the Church had a tenuous arrangement with. The church was forced to move Michael away, before the pack leader could find Michael for destroying one of his own. "We do not always do what it strictly right. We can't afford to walk that line. We live in a world of Moral Grey," Cardinal Richeleu had explained. "But we know there is Evil out there, and we know that there is Good. We must make sure we do not become Evil, though we may never ourselves become truly Good." It was a strange thing for the Cardinal to say, as the man radiated Goodness. And in the blessing he bestowed upon Michael as he accepted him as a Patronus, Micahel understood why. He felt for a moment an immediate connection with God, as he was infused with Power. The Lord had offered his protection, and Michael knew he'd need it.

"Remember the Covenant, and God will always defend you. Turn away from His teachings, and all we can do is pray," was the final advice the Cardinal offered before Michael returned to the States to serve as only a Patronus could. After the incident in Arizona, Michael was dispatched to Chicago. He checked in with Bishop Maxwell Tiberius Baxter at the local Diocese, the only man Michael knew of in the immediate area who knew of the Order. The Bisop was dedicated to helping Michael, and getting him what resources he might require that the Church could provide, and Michael prayed it would be enough. He didn't know where the next nearest Patronus was. It could be a mile away, or a hundred. Michael didn't know, both for his own protection, and for the protection of the others. A fallen Patronus was a dangerous thing. and the Church took few risks.

So Michael took to the streets, dressed all in black with his white collar, and a old-fashiooned grey wool cloak, under which rested his daggers. He was going to need more than simply himself in a city this size, and in a city this size, he suspected he could find some help.

Character Sheet

Michael Theodore Gill (foxxtrot)
150 Points Age 26 Human 5' 11" 160 lbs
ST: 9 [-10] IQ: 12 [40]
DX: 10 [0] HT: 10 [0]
Secondary Attributes
Damage 1d/2d-1; BL 34 lbs.; HP 9 [0]; Will 11 [0]; Per 11 [0]; FP 15 [15]
Armor of God [35]
Clerical Investment [5]
Magery 2 [20]
Patron (Ordus Patronus) [60] Catholic Church 30, Frequent Appearance (12)
Duty (Ordus Patronus) [-20] (All the Time, Extremely Hazardous)
Intolerant (Non-Humans) [-5]
Disciplines of Faith [-10]
Sense of Duty (Humanity) [-15]
Vow (Poverty) [-10]
Administration IQ/A IQ-1 [1]
Alchemy IQ/VH IQ-3 [1]
Archaeology IQ/H IQ-2 [1]
Brawling DX/E DX+1 [2]
Detect Lies Per/H Per-2 [1]
Exorcism Will/H Will-1 [2]
Hidden Lore (Angels) IQ/A IQ [2]
Hidden Lore (Demons) IQ/A IQ-1 [1]
Intelligence Analysis IQ/H IQ-2 [1]
Knife DX/E DX+2 [4]
Leadership IQ/A IQ-1 [1]
Occultism IQ/A IQ [2]
Public Speaking IQ/A IQ [2]
Research IQ/A IQ [2]
Thaumatology IQ/VH IQ-3 [1]
Theology IQ/H IQ [4]
Thrown Weapons (Knife) DX/E DX+1 [2]
Aura H -1 [2]
Death Vision H -2 [1]
Detect Magic H -2 [1]
History H -2 [1]
Images of the Past H -1 [2]
Seek Magic H -2 [1]
Seek Water H -2 [1]
Seeker H -2 [1]
Simple Illusion H -2 [1]
Summon Spirit H -1 [2]
Trace H -1 [2]

Templates Used

Armor of God

35 Points

Advantages: DR 10 (Forcefield +20%, Limited (Evil) -40%, Divine -10%) [35]